Respect nature and you will be respected

Caina has become one of our favourite students at EC,  the English Language Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Caina not only works hard but he has such a love for hiking that he now offers hikes on a Saturday morning for students who could not do it in the week. Hiking is one of the most popular events at EC Cape Town

Recently the students from EC Cape Town did a beautiful hike over the weekend in Cape Town. We walked for hours with beautiful views from the mountain and city and they had the opportunity to be close to nature.

EC Cape Town students having a happy moment

Hiking provides special moments to interact with each other, share experiences and so become closer to the person next to you. One of the most wonderful parts during our hike is when we become silent, reflecting and appreciating the scenery.

An EC Cape Town student having a moment of silence and reflection

Here in Cape Town you will find all of kinds of routes; some can be difficult and some are easier. Trust me you can do all of them, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, or if you have the ability to finish in a short time.

Guilherme navigating some rocks. Hiking at EC Cape Town is a must for everyone


When you decide to join, then you will only understand the meaning of all of this. If you think you are not strong enough to do this or not an active person, let me try to guide you from another perspective to change your mind.



Students of all sizes and fitness levels enjoy this popular activity

After all I will not lie, your legs will feel sore the next day, that’s true but I put my hand on fire, no-one complains at the end of the journey. And just maybe you will become a little more of a traveller than a tourist.

What a view! EC Cape Town students enjoying what is probably one of the best views in the world

Just remember “Respect nature and you will be respected’

Respect nature and it will respect you