The EC Cape Town welcome - in all 11 official langauges

My journey to EC Cape Town

We asked Giacomo to tell us about his journey to EC Cape Town  (the South African English Language Centre)on his first day and this is what he had to say:   I am really excited being here at EC Cape Town to improve my language skills. This is my first day at school in Cape Town which is an interesting and spectacular South African city. I have just met the teacher and many other students who come from all over the world. My journey will be very helpful for me to know more about new people, new cultures and extraordinary  places, not only in the city but also out in the countryside.   After this English course I’m going to participate in a Volunteer programme with Projects Abroad, an international organisation operating all over the world. This project will help me to get important and useful experience for my life. I am really focussed on studying English and to complete this four weeks in the best way

A Safari is a must for all EC Cape Town

I want more!!… my EC Cape Town experience

At EC Cape Town, we hope our students will have more than just English Language classes, we want them to discover our beautiful city and country. Rosa did just that: One year ago I decided to come to Cape Town to study English. I didn’t decide by myself. My friend Andrea told me about EC English and all that this school could do to help us with our English. After two months we decided to do it and in that moment we needed to choose where we’d do it First we thought about going to Malta but Camila, the agent who helped us in Brazil told us about Cape Town and showed us many  photo’s of this beautiful city. We talked a lot about Cape Town and in the end we fell in love with this city. I arrived two weeks ago and I’m enjoying all the little moments and all the wonderful  places I’m going to. I went to the beaches, Winelands, Table Mountain and all these places are so amazing! I’m so thankful for all that I am living and experiencing here and all the things I’m having the opportunity to see. This weekend I’ll be doing a safari with my friends Andrea and Cris. I’m so excited about that, I know that I’ll have a fantastic experience. So far so good, but I want more!  

A family that eats together, stays together

My experience of home-stay accommodation at EC Cape Town

Many of our students live with host families (homestay accommodation) as they want to experience the culture of Cape Town and be sure that they are practicing their English outside of their English language classes in South Africa. David Meneghel decided to write to us to share his experience and we are so grateful to our host families for the effort and love they have shown towards their guests – this is truly how South Africans are. So, we want to say a big thank you to David for reminding us and of course thank you to the Bardien family for their gracious hospitality! This week will be my first month in Cape Town, so let me share some things about my experience, in   particular about my accommodation. Although you might not know them, I live with the Bardien family. What can I say about them? They are friendly, the house is very comfortable, it’s always clean and it has everything necessary for a good stay. With  permission from the Bardien family, I took some  photo’s during dinners to show you Amina’s food. If I haven’t told you, Amina is a wonderful chef She makes delicious meals and I need to be alert because I am getting heavier every day. Also, during the dinner we have good conversations and good moments to  practice my English with the family who encourages us to talk about our day and  plans   Best Regards David Meneghel