EC hiking experience

EC Cape Town Hiking Experience.

“Difficult in the beginning but it gets easier with time.” At EC Cape Town, we encourage our students to do more than sit in classrooms, read books and study grammar. So, hikes are always on offer whether it’s up Table Mountain or Lion’s Head. It allows our students to experiment with the language in a natural setting, exposing them to all cultures, levels of competence and personalities. Below, we discover what makes it an EC Cape Town hiking experience worth remembering. My first EC Cape Town hiking experience By Abdullah Balbaid I am Abdullah, one of EC Cape Town’s students, I am from Yemen and living in Jeddah which is in the west of Saudi Arabia. Hiking is one of my fears in life, before I approached this trip I was very frightened yet excited at the same time. So I decided to go hiking up the tallest mountain in Cape Town with my favourite teacher and my friends. The weather was very cold at the beginning of this experience but as soon as we started going up the weather changed to hot weather. It wasn’t very easy for me or for my teacher because the route was full of rocks and it was uncomfortable. When things became difficult, we waited for each other so it took a very long time. I felt happy and full of opportunities to learn English. On top of the mountain I took a lot of photos and we stayed there to eat and have a rest. I ate pizza, it was delicious. The landscape was breathtaking but the problem was that we sat for only half an hour. I wish I could have stayed longer. We started to make a way down and we used a different route. It wasn’t easy because the route … Read more

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EC Cape Town Experience – Shark Cage Diving

“I would recommend everybody to do a language exchange once in their lives” – Nick S.   We believe an EC Cape Town Experience is about balance, finding the time to study and then going out and interacting with the world around you. Studying abroad can be a really difficult experience, especially for exam students.  You’re away from home, your family and all your natural comforts.  Many students have found that EC Cape Town has become a second home for them. A place where they can feel at ease to enjoy themselves and achieve great success while checking items off their bucket lists. Shark-cage Diving by Nick S. I would like to share my own EC experience with everyone who is thinking about doing a language exchange abroad. My name is Nick S. I am 20 years old and I am from Switzerland. At the moment I am studying English at the EC Language School in Cape Town. I have already spent 10 weeks in this beautiful city, preparing for my Cambridge (FCE) exam.   What my EC experience taught me? Until now I have learned a lot. You learn much more than a language, you learn different things about other cultures and how you can manage your daily life outside your home country. Not only did I improve my English-skills here, but I have also been having an amazing and crazy time filled with many things to do. I did a lot of unforgettable activities for example I jumped from the world’s highest commercial bridge in Tsitsikamma and I also did skydiving. The most unforgettable activity thus far has been the Shark Cage Diving.   What happened? Our trip started at 4.00 o’clock in the morning when we were picked up by a small minibus, which took us to … Read more