Ex EC Cape Town student.

Exploring the city: EC Cape Town Skates!

  “I’ve learnt to depend on myself more than ever before”. By Basel Alzarari   I read about EC English school on the internet. My parents and I decided to go to Cape Town to study there. I found the best way to learn a language is by going to the people who speak the language that you want to learn. In order to study there, I had organised everything; I booked accommodation and got my visa. I was excited to start a new journey, explore a new place but I was really excited to see if Cape Town skates.   When I arrived in Cape Town: A lot of things changed in my life. The pace of living is very fast in South Africa. I usually went to sleep early in order to start the day early, which is not what I was used to. I didn’t enjoy going out at night either. When it comes to eating, the typical food in Cape Town was a bit different for me. I found that people would put sugar in their rice, everything was sweeter. So I preferred to cook my own meals because I could cook whenever I want and whatever I like. In my home town, I really loved to do a bunch of different activities. Especially anything related to skating whether it was ice-skating or rollerblading. What I had noticed in Cape Town is that not many people are interested in rollerblading but skateboarding is a lot more popular. I have never in my life thought that I would try skateboarding, having said that I took the first step and bought a skateboard. It had caught my interest and it seemed to be an amazing way to go around and explore the city, while meeting new people and … Read more

Leticia Dos Santos, student at EC Cape Town.

Why should you learn English in Cape Town?

“I’d say this city is for everyone…it can change your life and even your way of thinking.” By Leticia Dos Santos   Studying English abroad is a unique experience. Before coming here, I had very basic knowledge, so I decided to learn English in Cape Town. When I came to Cape Town it was very difficult at first, as I had to figure out how everything worked here – especially the language barrier. After a few weeks, it became natural, I could speak and express myself easily. EC English School Cape Town has provided me all the support and help I needed. I can say that I acquired knowledge of the English language. What has contributed to my learning was the encouragement I’d received from the teachers. The classes were always very interactive and no matter how shy I was, it helped me to develop my skills. The structure is simply amazing, very technological and the methodology used to teach was for sure the difference. The way subjects and lessons are introduced in the class, helps to develop, speech and improve vocabulary. Overall, learning another language is not an easy job. You must work hard and do your best. Literally immerse yourself in the language and culture to make it as natural as possible.   My advice would be, don’t take learning so seriously; make mistakes, talk shamelessly, make as many friendships as you can, whether local or foreign, read books, magazines, watch movies in English, but most important, practice English every single day. Cape Town lifestyle Cape Town is an amazing city where I learned about culture and history and had the opportunity to learn English. I think what makes this city so unique is the vibe it conveys. Everyone is always so happy and friendly, the views are … Read more

The Night Haven Shelter

Mandela Day – EC Students give back

“Do not look the other way; do not hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for action, not words. Act with courage and vision.” Nelson Mandela   To celebrate Mandela Day (18th July) this year, EC Cape Town students and teachers took up the call again. We decided to volunteer at a homeless shelter, one of many in the city. Cape Town’s winters can be harsh and this affects the homeless even more. So, we thought it would be a good idea to support one of the shelters who provide much-needed support and comfort to the poorest of the poor. It all started with a donation drive and the EC Cape Town community did not disappoint – students and teachers donated food and other needed goods, which we delivered on the day. About 70 students braved the rain to drop off these items and spend some time with the staff and residents of the shelter. Why do we celebrate Mandela Day? By Daniele Martins Everybody knows Nelson Mandela. In November 2009, the United Nations officially declared 18th July as International Nelson Mandela Day. On July 18th you can do something good for 67 minutes. 1 minute for each year that he worked to change the world.  On this day, we went with EC Cape Town students and teachers to The Haven Night Shelter and I’m sure that everyone has learned something for life. It’s not about doing, it’s about being…being human. You can learn English and you can learn to be better every day.  It’s your choice.  What does Mandela Day mean to us? By Yayha Karsoum Mandela Day is one of the most important days throughout the year. Not just for South Africa but for people all over the world.  As we know, Nelson Mandela devoted 67 years of … Read more

Ec English students enjoying their dinner at

EC Cape Town Students Observe Iftar

During the month of Ramadan, EC English school Cape Town enjoyed a dinner of delicious meals and great company from both students and teachers alike. We participated in “Iftar” which for our Muslim students is the first meal after a day of fasting at the Capetonian Hotel. We invited one of our students Ahmed Daghistani to speak to us about what the dinner means and how we should correctly break our fast. This is what he had to say: What is Ramadan? Good evening everyone, first of all, I would like to say that it’s an honour to be here. I’d like to thank Glenn and Anthea for giving me this opportunity to talk about Ramadan. I’ll be explaining to you guys why we fast in this month and the benefits of fasting, and how to break your fast correctly. But first, I need to explain what Ramadan is. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar when we fast from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the holy month is one of the five pillars of Islam, Which includes prayer and charity. To fast, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual activity from dawn till dusk. The period of fasting changes every year mainly because of the lunar calendar. It’s brought forward 7 days every year, eventually causing Ramadan to occur during any season. Why is fasting important? We fast because fasting gives us a better understanding of God’s gifts. It also gives us greater compassion towards the deprived and the people who struggle to find some food to eat or anything drink.  If we put ourselves in their shoes, we’ll feel how hard their lives are and start doing something about it. Even though some might think that fasting is unhealthy, scientific studies have shown … Read more

English students from EC on the project

EC Cape Town Volunteer project – my best experience

We asked Abdullah Mashaab to write about his visit to EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer project.   What is EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers? I would like to share one of my best experiences while studying at EC Cape Town English language school. At EC Cape Town there is a volunteer programme called Rainbow Dreamers. This project takes students from EC English school Cape Town to a poor community and provides two hours of after school care for children in this community. The project gives students a different view of Cape Town. It was Rainbow Dreamers’ 5th anniversary on the day that I went, and we did a lot of nice things. We played many different games with the children, from football and basketball to skateboarding, sack races and colouring activities for the younger children.       What EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers gave me? My best part was exchanging hugs with the children – I felt the unconditional love and friendliness from the them, and this created a sense of responsibility for them. I also enjoyed singing and eating cupcakes together. It was a very nice day. I wish everybody will do it because it is something different and you feel like you’re a father. I also feel I understand more about Cape Town now.   Contact us for more information on volunteering at EC Cape Town

EC Cape Town promises you a good stay, don't worry

Welcome to EC Cape Town!

Your first week in a new city sounds a little bit scary…  but don’t be afraid! This is a small survival guide to help you relax and enjoy your homestay in Cape Town, while you keep discovering the city!! First step: Buy a South African sim card. Wifi isn’t always available in some homes. So, even if you are planning to keep your old number, you must get a local sim card to access the internet. EC Cape Town offers free wi-fi to all our students so don’t worry! Second: Check your address and the best way to come to school. You should also speak with other EC students and with your host family (trust me: your family knows more than you about the place that you are living in now). Third tip: MY CITI CAN SAVE YOU! Have you ever heard of it? Welcome to Cape Town. ‘My Citi’ is the most popular and safest public transport in and around the city. Even if it’s not necessary to take a bus to school, you can use it to go to the beach… to your friend’s place… to the supermarket.. and it’s really affordable! Fourth: Check the pharmacy, the hospital and the super market close to your home. Ask your new parents, start a conversation, be friendly and discover more about your own neighbourhood. Fifth and last: Relax, chill and go out to meet new people, amazing places and fall in love with Cape Town. It’s easy and take it easy!

The atmosphere was electric as this was a very important game

Rugby for Beginners

Rafael and a few EC Cape Town students recently went to a rugby game to find out what this South African sport was all about. Rafael lives in one our homestay options  in Cape Town and his host mother had encouraged him to attend … he did, and invited a few other students to join 🙂 This is how he describes the experience. Imagine a person knows nothing about rugby; this person is me. But watching a rugby game is a must-see in South Africa, like going up Table Mountain. My experience started on my journey to the football stadium, which took me back to my memories of the big football classics in Brazil. The traffic jam around the stadium, many people happily cheering for their team and the environment was so exciting. The only thing I missed was someone shouting: Coke, 20 Rands in my hands! It was funny watching the game eating popcorn and drinking a beer. At some point I thought “I’m at the cinema” When the teams arrived for the game, I was infected by the feeling of the people around me; and I remembered what my South African mom said to me: “You have to cheer for the Stormers” I am a good guy and so I cheered “Go Stormers!!!” The game started and people shouted excitedly but I saw the players were like gladiators in a vigorous game, disputing point for point. For me, a ‘Stormers’ fan, the game was dramatic because the Bulls started winning. But as the game continued, the Stormers had a strong defense and there was a turnaround so that they eventually won the game 30-22. After the game I learnt something about rugby: You can only pass the ball forward… and rugby is for strong people!    

Raquel and some the EC Cape Town students who become her friends

An intense learning experience @ EC Cape Town

Doing an exchange seems like an easy decision at first. You choose the country, choose how you’ll pay for the school, the accommodation, and you’re ready to go! Everything seems sorted.However, experiencing a travel exchange is less mechanic. It is something colourful and complex. We get so involved with this journey, that needless to say, will impact your life forever – even for a short period of time. The days became so intense that learning is constant. Personally, this one month I stayed in Cape Town taught me much more than a full year of routine in Brazil. It was my first international travel experience and it will not be the last.Indeed, among all the experiences, learning a new language in direct contact with another culture was enriching! I have a debt of gratitude to the teachers of EC who, with much dedication and enthusiasm, opened the doors to a whole universe of new possibilities, because learning is one of my greatest pleasures. In fact, sharing points of view with people who come from other countries and cultures made me respect and learn about the differences and about knowing a world bigger than I thought. Talking about my days in Cape Town in a few lines is unfair, because every detail was important to contribute to the person that I am today. Every person that I met here is a vibrant soul with whom I left a little bit of myself, and from whom I take a little bit with me. I made more than friends here, I discovered a family! Finally, not every day was perfect, but the journey was marvellous, precisely because of these imperfections. What does not kill us, makes us stronger, and I came out stronger from this exchange. Thank you Cape Town! I made this magical … Read more

The EC Cape Town welcome - in all 11 official langauges

My journey to EC Cape Town

We asked Giacomo to tell us about his journey to EC Cape Town  (the South African English Language Centre)on his first day and this is what he had to say:   I am really excited being here at EC Cape Town to improve my language skills. This is my first day at school in Cape Town which is an interesting and spectacular South African city. I have just met the teacher and many other students who come from all over the world. My journey will be very helpful for me to know more about new people, new cultures and extraordinary  places, not only in the city but also out in the countryside.   After this English course I’m going to participate in a Volunteer programme with Projects Abroad, an international organisation operating all over the world. This project will help me to get important and useful experience for my life. I am really focussed on studying English and to complete this four weeks in the best way

A Safari is a must for all EC Cape Town

I want more!!… my EC Cape Town experience

At EC Cape Town, we hope our students will have more than just English Language classes, we want them to discover our beautiful city and country. Rosa did just that: One year ago I decided to come to Cape Town to study English. I didn’t decide by myself. My friend Andrea told me about EC English and all that this school could do to help us with our English. After two months we decided to do it and in that moment we needed to choose where we’d do it First we thought about going to Malta but Camila, the agent who helped us in Brazil told us about Cape Town and showed us many  photo’s of this beautiful city. We talked a lot about Cape Town and in the end we fell in love with this city. I arrived two weeks ago and I’m enjoying all the little moments and all the wonderful  places I’m going to. I went to the beaches, Winelands, Table Mountain and all these places are so amazing! I’m so thankful for all that I am living and experiencing here and all the things I’m having the opportunity to see. This weekend I’ll be doing a safari with my friends Andrea and Cris. I’m so excited about that, I know that I’ll have a fantastic experience. So far so good, but I want more!