Grateful for the opportunity at EC Cape Town!

We asked Solaiman to tell us about his experience thus far in Cape Town First of all, I wanted to study in the USA but I was refused a visa by the Embassy. I was so sad when they refused my visa and when my friends became aware of my situation, they suggested I study in Cape Town. So I took up the challenge and applied to study English in Cape Town. Then the story began. Actually I believed that Cape Town is an old city with high levels of  poverty. When I was looking out from the plane I saw this wonderful view from a high altitude and at that moment I felt like I’m in paradise. On the first day in the new city, I had a few friends from home I met when I arrived in Cape Town and they invited me to have lunch at Ocean Basket, Waterfront. On the first day at EC School I met friends from different countries who were full of energy and activity. After the class was dismissed, my classmates decided to walk around the vicinity of the school with our teacher and afterwards to the Waterfront. Some of the activities that I did was a visit to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, which I found to be the most beautiful place I visited so far. I also visited  Muizenberg Beach, which I found suitable for surfing. I also participated in Paint Balling which was a great adventure and even got some shots too. I have spent a great time in Cape Town and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been here. Some of my friends who have already left Cape Town were a part of my life here and I hope to see them soon. Solaiman has been … Read more

Visiting the Company’s Garden

Students had an awesome time with teacher Chimonay of EC’s English School in Cape Town. The group visited the Company’s Garden and this was a nice opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. By participating in this activity students learned out the importance of looking after nature and they became more conscious of the roles that humans play in their environment. Afterwards there was some time to relax and everybody enjoyed some nice coffee in a local coffee shop.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Coffee with teacher Chimonay   A visit to the Slave Lodge

A visit to the Slave Lodge

Teacher Chimonay of EC’s English Language School in Cape Town took her Intermediate class students to the Slave Lodge. The Slave lodge is the second oldest building in South Africa and served initially as a lodge for the slaves of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and subsequently as the first post office, library and supreme court. The Museum houses for example collections of ceramics, toys, silver and textiles as well as artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Besides that there is a lot to find about Cape Town’s history and the slavery. Students got to learn about Cape Town’s history and discussed how much it has changed. It was a very informative outing with a lot of new vocabulary and history. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Coffee with teacher Chimonay Celebrating the birthday of a classmate

Celebrating the birthday of a classmate

Students of EC’s English Centre in Cape Town celebrated the birthday of a classmate yesterday. It was really thoughtful and kind of those who organized to bring chocolate cake and cola for everyone. Together with teacher Matthew the students of Intermediate 1 celebrated Andrea’s birthday. Hope you had an awesome day Andrea! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC students hiking up Lion’s Head Coffee with teacher Chimonay

Coffee with teacher Chimonay

Teacher Chimonay of EC’s English School in Cape Town went with her students to get coffee on Monday. it was a good bonding experience and students got to know each other beyond the class room walls. Students had the opportunity to practice their speaking in a controlled environment with a lot of shared ideas. All of the students are following the High intermediate class at EC Cape Town which Chimonay leads every morning.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC students hiking up Lion’s Head EC Students visit Table Mountain

English Language students visit Cape Town Museum!

EC Cape Town students joined their teacher to an exciting and informative trip to the Cape Town Museum. With lots of interesting and inspiring stories behind every corner, the students had quite a lot of positive things to say about South Africa, as well as Cape Town’s heritage and all the cool artifacts that they saw at the Museum. This was not only an educational trip but also a memorable one as students got the opportunity to take lots of pictures of their favorite artifacts and show family members and friend in their home countries. Below are a few pictures of their day well spent: Students taking a look at the stuffed animals, amazed to see how majestic the African animals are in reality. This is an excellent way to broaden students horizons on just how much beauty South Africa has to offer, in all shapes and sizes. Is it not a beautiful sight to see students from near and far stand together for one picture? The amazing thing about EC is that we are the point where people from all over the world comes together and becomes friends! When students go back to their home countries, they have a list of friends from places that they only heard of and also gain knowledge of their cultures and countries. A fun picture of students inside the mouth of a shark. I am quite sure these students are going to go back home and have this photograph as one the highlights of their trip to Cape Town, memories are made for the keeping and this picture is a definite keeper. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Iziko Museum with Gameema AY Excursion to the Heart Museum

EC Cape Town Students experience Cape Town Spices

Teacher Kate took her Low Intermediate class to two well-known shops in Cape Town as a class excursion, here is what happened: “In our low intermediate class we visited Atlas Trading, a spice shop in BoKaap and Anthony’s Golden cup, a coffee shop on Loop Street. Both experiences were extremely aromatic. For the first part of the lesson the students were given a recipe for ‘Boeber‘, a traditional warm milk drink. They had to find the different ingredients in the shop, asking for assistance if needed. The manager gave the students some information about the shop and let them taste and smell different spices.” “For the second part of the lesson we walked down to Anthony’s Golden cup on Loop street. Anthony spoke to the students about his life and about his shop. The students had to listen carefully and take notes because as a follow up activity they would need to write a biography about Anthony. Lastly we ordered coffees and enjoyed winding down in a very cosy environment, after a lot of information.” “We had a wonderful afternoon class. We went to the spice shop and learnt about Indian spices and met a special man, Anthony and his famous coffee shop, I Loved it!!”- Izabel Silva from Mozambique Our students are not limited when studying at EC Cape Town, we try our best to show them all aspects of English as well as how to form full conversations with the people of Cape Town!   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Free Activities at EC Cape Town “Mystery Restaurant” Class Outing

6 reasons Why EC Cape Town Is The Most Beautiful City To Learn English

Cape Town South Africa, the point of Southern Africa where the two oceans meet! Beautiful, Historic and Powerful legacy, are just a few of the strong words used to describe this beautiful City also known as the Mother City. Although when looked at on a map its a mere dot, but stepping into this City will soon have you realize that it is so  much more than just a figment of your imagination. Cape Town has so much to see and offer and among these are the opportunity to  attend  the best English Language school in South Africa!! Here are SIX reasons Why Cape Town is the most beautiful city to learn English: 1. Location – EC Cape Town is perfectly located, nestled between the view of the magnificent Table Mountain and the Famous Waterfront, the views are spectacular and gives students the “push”to learn more about our beautiful country. Our classes are also intimate and teachers love taking students to see historic sights in Cape Town, a total must experience!! 2. Activities – Here at EC Cape Town we have a weekly guide of activities, ensuring that students get to see and experience everything that Cape Town has to offer. We offer exclusive activities from Sunsets on Table Mountain to a Wildlife experience on awesome Safari trips. It is so easy to join in on the fun, simply speak to our Activities coordinator and the rest is “history”. 3. Mini Markets and Interesting Stores – As mentioned above our teachers love including Cape Town’s historical point of view into their lessons, and what better way of doing this than taking their classes on a field trip, showing them a few of our stalls and shops along the way. With beautiful and unique items, Green Market Square is best known for … Read more

True Love, by EC English student “Abo Korkmaz”

From Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator Every now and then I come across a true gem. When Turkish student, Abdurrahim Korkmaz suddenly appeared back in Cape Town six months ago, I was so delighted to see him. I got to know him last year when he was learning English at EC Cape Town. He can be described as an all-rounder – friendly, hard-working, sincere and dedicated. This is his last week studying with us and he shared a piece with me which he wrote recently. Of course, I can’t keep it to myself…so here it is! True Love by Abdurrahim “Abo” Korkmaz Surfing is everything for me. You don’t need anything. Without words, without language. Straight into your heart. You do not have to think. You just feel colour. Emotion. This is friendship with wind, waves, sail and a board. This is true love…life. Life is windsurfing for me. Wind gives me life. Abdurrahim was an Academic Year 20 student at EC South Africa __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Travel Writing: Cuba by Zayra Alexandra Serpa A short story…by Mariana Alves (Brazil)

My Sun & My Moon by English student “Mohamed Abogila”

By Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator Mohamed reveals that his inspiration for this story came from the windy morning that Cape Town had today. His imagination has taken his writing to new heights and I’m really proud to share his latest piece with you! Well done, Mohamed 🙂 NOTE: This was a timed writing activity (20 minutes) Prompt: Write about the first time that your father saw your mother My Sun & My Moon by Mohamed Abogila, EC English Language Student My Sun is my father. He’s strong and powerful and he shines like the stars. He’s like a candle at night – always shining, kind, helpful and lively. Also, he’s like a fire and will hurt you if you touch him when he’s angry. The sun is a different type of light. It could be useful to see and at the same time it could be unuseful. Actually, I can’t live without him. The sun is also important for the life, plants, animals and humans. He makes me like fresh air…free. He helps me and he’s energetic. One day the sun felt alone and decided to find something to change his life. Suddenly, it was a raining day and the Sun escaped from the sky. After two hours, the Moon started shining with a massive, strong, attractive light. The Sun (my father) decided to fall in love with my mother. My mother is the Moon. However, the Sun was looking forward to seeing the Moon every night and he chased her. Like the Moon, my mother is strong, simple and optimistic. She’s open-minded, self-confident and strong-willed. One day, my Sun (father) decided to shine at night to talk to the Moon. “I want you in my life, but it’s dangerous.” (because he could die at night). Remember, the life of the Sun … Read more