EC hiking experience

EC Cape Town Hiking Experience.

“Difficult in the beginning but it gets easier with time.” At EC Cape Town, we encourage our students to do more than sit in classrooms, read books and study grammar. So, hikes are always on offer whether it’s up Table Mountain or Lion’s Head. It allows our students to experiment with the language in a natural setting, exposing them to all cultures, levels of competence and personalities. Below, we discover what makes it an EC Cape Town hiking experience worth remembering. My first EC Cape Town hiking experience By Abdullah Balbaid I am Abdullah, one of EC Cape Town’s students, I am from Yemen and living in Jeddah which is in the west of Saudi Arabia. Hiking is one of my fears in life, before I approached this trip I was very frightened yet excited at the same time. So I decided to go hiking up the tallest mountain in Cape Town with my favourite teacher and my friends. The weather was very cold at the beginning of this experience but as soon as we started going up the weather changed to hot weather. It wasn’t very easy for me or for my teacher because the route was full of rocks and it was uncomfortable. When things became difficult, we waited for each other so it took a very long time. I felt happy and full of opportunities to learn English. On top of the mountain I took a lot of photos and we stayed there to eat and have a rest. I ate pizza, it was delicious. The landscape was breathtaking but the problem was that we sat for only half an hour. I wish I could have stayed longer. We started to make a way down and we used a different route. It wasn’t easy because the route … Read more

Respect nature and you will be respected

Caina has become one of our favourite students at EC,  the English Language Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Caina not only works hard but he has such a love for hiking that he now offers hikes on a Saturday morning for students who could not do it in the week.  Recently the students from EC Cape Town did a beautiful hike over the weekend in Cape Town. We walked for hours with beautiful views from the mountain and city and they had the opportunity to be close to nature. Hiking provides special moments to interact with each other, share experiences and so become closer to the person next to you. One of the most wonderful parts during our hike is when we become silent, reflecting and appreciating the scenery. Here in Cape Town you will find all of kinds of routes; some can be difficult and some are easier. Trust me you can do all of them, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, or if you have the ability to finish in a short time.   When you decide to join, then you will only understand the meaning of all of this. If you think you are not strong enough to do this or not an active person, let me try to guide you from another perspective to change your mind.     After all I will not lie, your legs will feel sore the next day, that’s true but I put my hand on fire, no-one complains at the end of the journey. And just maybe you will become a little more of a traveller than a tourist. Just remember “Respect nature and you will be respected’      

Visiting the Company’s Garden

Students had an awesome time with teacher Chimonay of EC’s English School in Cape Town. The group visited the Company’s Garden and this was a nice opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. By participating in this activity students learned out the importance of looking after nature and they became more conscious of the roles that humans play in their environment. Afterwards there was some time to relax and everybody enjoyed some nice coffee in a local coffee shop.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Coffee with teacher Chimonay   A visit to the Slave Lodge

A visit to the Slave Lodge

Teacher Chimonay of EC’s English Language School in Cape Town took her Intermediate class students to the Slave Lodge. The Slave lodge is the second oldest building in South Africa and served initially as a lodge for the slaves of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and subsequently as the first post office, library and supreme court. The Museum houses for example collections of ceramics, toys, silver and textiles as well as artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Besides that there is a lot to find about Cape Town’s history and the slavery. Students got to learn about Cape Town’s history and discussed how much it has changed. It was a very informative outing with a lot of new vocabulary and history. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Coffee with teacher Chimonay Celebrating the birthday of a classmate

Coffee with teacher Chimonay

Teacher Chimonay of EC’s English School in Cape Town went with her students to get coffee on Monday. it was a good bonding experience and students got to know each other beyond the class room walls. Students had the opportunity to practice their speaking in a controlled environment with a lot of shared ideas. All of the students are following the High intermediate class at EC Cape Town which Chimonay leads every morning.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC students hiking up Lion’s Head EC Students visit Table Mountain

English Language students visit Cape Town Museum!

EC Cape Town students joined their teacher to an exciting and informative trip to the Cape Town Museum. With lots of interesting and inspiring stories behind every corner, the students had quite a lot of positive things to say about South Africa, as well as Cape Town’s heritage and all the cool artifacts that they saw at the Museum. This was not only an educational trip but also a memorable one as students got the opportunity to take lots of pictures of their favorite artifacts and show family members and friend in their home countries. Below are a few pictures of their day well spent: Students taking a look at the stuffed animals, amazed to see how majestic the African animals are in reality. This is an excellent way to broaden students horizons on just how much beauty South Africa has to offer, in all shapes and sizes. Is it not a beautiful sight to see students from near and far stand together for one picture? The amazing thing about EC is that we are the point where people from all over the world comes together and becomes friends! When students go back to their home countries, they have a list of friends from places that they only heard of and also gain knowledge of their cultures and countries. A fun picture of students inside the mouth of a shark. I am quite sure these students are going to go back home and have this photograph as one the highlights of their trip to Cape Town, memories are made for the keeping and this picture is a definite keeper. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Iziko Museum with Gameema AY Excursion to the Heart Museum

Learning English at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town!

by Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator Even if someone visits Cape Town for just a day, the chances of them visiting the V & A Waterfront is very high. Said to be South Africa’s most visited destination, it is situated at the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour. As South Africa celebrated Worker’s Day last Thursday (May 1), I decided to take a trip back in time in the form of a historical guided tour of the Waterfront. Some of our EC English students who opted not to sleep in (because of the public holiday) joined me at the Waterfront for an interesting and informative tour. We started off at Chavonnes Battery Museum which lies adjacent to the famous Clock Tower. With a guide dressed in period costume, we heard stories about events that led to the birth of Cape Town and the V & A Waterfront. Because we were a small group of less than 10 people, the tour (which lasted approximately 2 hours) gave us the opportunity to ask questions and students were able to practice their listening skills. Even thought it was a public holiday, the students still felt like they had an English class with an added bonus of gorgeous surroundings as our backdrop! I jotted down some of the English terms that caught my ear and felt that they would be beneficial to students to know and keep locked into their memory! “The old and the new live side by side” We use this expression when two things are closely related / associated. Even though there are remnants of the “old” Waterfront, it is still fully functional with modern day advancements. “Ships have to work around the clock” If something or someone works “around the clock”, it means that they work non-stop. There is no break! … Read more

“Mystery Restaurant” Class Outing

Last Thursday the Beginner and Elementary class went on a joint class outing. The objective was to practice the target language covered in the lessons earlier that week. The Elementary students were charged with the task of leading the group to the ‘mystery restaurant‘. They had to follow the directions on their worksheet. The teachers rang a bell if they took a wrong turn. They successfully led everyone to the restaurant with little help from the teachers. Then everyone had to order something from the menu, make a new friend and pay for their own food. They had to express their opinion about the restaurant and say if they would go there again. Some of the students had this to say… “I like to eat the food because I miss the food in my country.” Moaz from Libya “I don’t like spicy.” Jordano from Spain “I like spicy.” Omar from Italy Pedro from Brazil and Midi from Angola wrote, “Mariam’s Kitchen is a restaurant at Cape Town at St Georges Mall street. The owner’s and the employee’s run the restaurant so they take special care of their customers.  The food is fresh and delicious and everything is homemade – even the peppermint tarts are homemade! Try the peppermint tarts with a soft drink.” by Nurjan Sonday / Teacher   ===== EC offers various courses, including business English in South Africa.

Shopping / Lunch outing with Una & Nurjan

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC On Friday, 11 October Una and Nurjan’s Elementary class went on a joint outing. Students were able to practice new vocabulary they studied earlier about various shops and what can be bought there. They also had the opportunity to order food from a menu. One of the tasks they had to complete was writing the name of the store, what was sold there and the price of various items. They had to practice asking staff, “What is this?” and “How much is this?” Some answers read: Tawfiq : ‘sling shot R50’. Ahmed : t-short R 80 Eduardo : wooden elephant R35 The next task was to write down the name of the shop next to the restaurant as well as 5 things one could do or buy there. Marta :  ‘Lite Kem Pharmacy  blood sugar testing, cholesterol testing,vitality screen testing, cosmetics, baby care’ After shopping, it was no surprise that everyone was ready for an early lunch! At the take-out restaurant, students had to order something and practise, “Can I have a…” Hana Albarbar from Libya wrote this about the restaurant: ‘The restaurant’s name was Eastern food bazaar there are a lot of kind food as Turkish food, Pakistani food,Chinese food,Indian food,Italian pizza and ice cream. I ate Masala dosa and drank Sprite, it was very delicious and interesting with Indian music, it was wanderful place’  Eduardo Cardoso from Brazil had this to say: In the last friday I had the opportunity of know differents places with my classmates. We went the a Souvenir Store and Restaurant. Was very interesting , because I practiced my english , I knew new cultures and eat differents foods. Also, I visited a Pharmacy with a lot of options to buy, ( medicine, shampoo, soap and until cholesterol test ) very … Read more

Pizza with Una’s Beginner Class

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC As part of their lesson, teacher Una’s Beginner class decided to extend their class…to Roman’s Pizza in Long Street. Leading up to their outing, students had been learning about how to order food as well as structures like “Can I [please] have..?” / “Do you have..?” / “Yes, there is.” / “No, there isn’t.”  Apart from language learning, Una says that students were not only able to learn about responsibility and accountability, but to have fun! Students also had the opportunity to practice peer-correction. Students are already looking forward to their next outing. What better way to learn language than in a real-life context? Some student comments: “It was a wonderful day I enjoy my time with my friends.” “Yesterday i and my classmate went eat pizza at Roman’s. I enjoy my pizza. I eated 5 slices of my favorite flavor: regina and drinked one pepsi. I spended 40 rands, i think is a good price.I had a good time!” “I went with my classmate and Teacher Una. We ate a delicious pizza! We had a good time!” This was a piece written by Hana Al Barbar:| “Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. All my classmates went to Roman’s Pizza and all bought and ate pizza’s. I took a chicken and cheese pizza. It was a small pizza, but it was very good. I drank a Coke and we talked together. All my friends were very happy.”