High Intermediate Class visits Heart of CT Museum

   by Sheetal Makhan / AYC Last week Thursday, my High Intermediate class visited the Heart of Cape Town Museum at Groote Schuur Hospital. It was an excursion that drew on the theme for the week – “Medicine”. Students were taken on a tour and were able to relive the historic moment of the first heart transplant performed by Dr Chris Barnard. Photos of the visit can be viewed on our Facebook page. Here are some comments from students about the visit: It was an astonishing moment in my life. I’ll tell everyone who I know when I go back home what I’ve seen in the Heart of CT Museum. Yesterday, I felt that I was part of the medical team who performed the first heart transplant in the world. Thank you Teacher Sheetal for giving us the great opportunity for that experience.  -Ghazi Certainly, it was a great experience to learn about the greatest legend, Christian Barnard, who did the first heart transplant. Really, the world had lost a man who could spend all his life dedicating to to help other peoples lives. He came from a poor family and studied at UCT. One of the things I admire about him is that he did a PhD during ten years. -Lionnel It was so cool, to be at the place where one of the most famous person had done one of the most important operation to give a life to a patient. It added something special for me because it is my field. He tried to do something and was successful. -Ebtihal I really enjoyed going to the Heart of CT Museum because I could practice my English. The guide was a good speaker and also spoke about really interesting things. I could also ask a couple of things. … Read more

Intermediate 4 Class visits an Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap

The inquisitive students from the Intermediate 4 class visited the Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap. They had to practice their question forms and report writing skills. Well done!   Americo from Angola and Mohammed from Libya. The “uncle” at the expo answering questions. Haithm from Yemen, Jessica and Manual from Angola.   Izdehar from Libya and Alexandra from Colombia being informed by Mohammed from Libya. Haithm informing America. The Intermediate 4 Class. Alexandra and Izdehar in front of a mural depicting the origins of Islam in Cape Town. Hardie and the Intermediate 4 Class. Americo is holding up our “goodie bag”.