Leticia Dos Santos, student at EC Cape Town.

Why should you learn English in Cape Town?

“I’d say this city is for everyone…it can change your life and even your way of thinking.” By Leticia Dos Santos   Studying English abroad is a unique experience. Before coming here, I had very basic knowledge, so I decided to learn English in Cape Town. When I came to Cape Town it was very difficult at first, as I had to figure out how everything worked here – especially the language barrier. After a few weeks, it became natural, I could speak and express myself easily. EC English School Cape Town has provided me all the support and help I needed. I can say that I acquired knowledge of the English language. What has contributed to my learning was the encouragement I’d received from the teachers. The classes were always very interactive and no matter how shy I was, it helped me to develop my skills. The structure is simply amazing, very technological and the methodology used to teach was for sure the difference. The way subjects and lessons are introduced in the class, helps to develop, speech and improve vocabulary. Overall, learning another language is not an easy job. You must work hard and do your best. Literally immerse yourself in the language and culture to make it as natural as possible.   My advice would be, don’t take learning so seriously; make mistakes, talk shamelessly, make as many friendships as you can, whether local or foreign, read books, magazines, watch movies in English, but most important, practice English every single day. Cape Town lifestyle Cape Town is an amazing city where I learned about culture and history and had the opportunity to learn English. I think what makes this city so unique is the vibe it conveys. Everyone is always so happy and friendly, the views are … Read more

Tips to improve your English!

“Nobody wants to play with mediocrity” A few weeks ago, one of EC Cape Town’s students was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence! She had made such amazing progress in all aspects of the English language. We were extremely proud to have her around and asked her to share some of her tips to improve her English: My 6 month journey learning English. By Tamires Macabeu I spent almost two years planning my exchange but I never thought about the techniques I would use to learn a new language. I used to think that it would be a natural process, since I was supposed to spend six months in a country with native English speakers. However, I can assure you that this thought was completely wrong. Learning a new language is not an easy process and it requires a lot of effort and dedication. Below I will list some tips that helped me to improve my English from a Pre-intermediate level to an Advanced level in 24 weeks.   DO MORE THAN JUST GO TO CLASS I was surprised at the quality of EC school. Literally, I didn’t expect so much support from a school. The teachers are very well prepared and the material they offer is very useful and informative. But, one thing I realized was that some students expected to learn English just by attending class. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. The teachers are going to lead you and give you good knowledge, but if you don’t practice every day outside the classroom, you will always have an average understanding of English, and nobody wants to play with mediocrity.   WORK ON YOUR VOCABULARY One of the first things I learned while I was studying English was that improving your vocabulary helps you to improve all of … Read more

Are you ready to get started at EC Cape Town?

4-week CAE Preparation @ EC Cape Town

EC Cape Town is happy to announce we are now offering an abridged Cambridge Exam Preparation course that will now run over an 8 and/or 4-week period. The course is a much shorter version than the traditional 12-week course but is being offered to allow more students the possibility to take the exam, with at least some assistance.We hope these two exciting new options will have as much benefit, especially to students who are unable to take the entire 12-week course because of work and/or study commitments but who would like to take the exam. It is now possible!   The 8-week programme is already underway and today we started the 4-week course with great excitement. We will keep you updated on their progress but its go!go!go! time.   EC Cape Town is a registered Cambridge Exam Centre and as such you have the convenience of receiving your classes and doing the exam in a space you are familiar with. There is also the added benefit of being surrounded by other exam students and a community of people who are trying to improve their English, all in the same building. So, what are you waiting for? Call Student Services to find out about your options. We also offer IELTS preparation. One word of advice though, the shorter courses are intense and thus you would need a minimum of C1 to do the Advanced course and at least a strong B2 to do the FCE. You will also need to know if you need this course for your course as Cambridge is generally a British exam, whereas IELTS is commonly used in Australia, Canada, although it is seen as an international accredited course. Do your research as you need to be prepared. See you soon!!

EC Cape Town reception area

Business in English at EC Cape Town

Do you know about the Business English courses in Cape Town As more companies are working beyond their countries and even language or cultural borders, English has become the lingua franca, the popular language of choice. Beyond the General English language courses EC Cape Town offers. we also have various Business English options that allows Business men and women in particular to brush up on their English AND have a course which is tailor-made for their needs.     The Business English course gives you more personalized attention and a course that suits the demands of your profession. Classes are smaller and more often the busy executive books private classes so that their immediate needs can be met, be that writing, speaking or business vocabulary.     However, there is also the option of doing both, ie General English in the morning and choosing the English for Work elective which has the added benefit of being in a class with other working professionals. In addition, students can choose additional private classes instead of the Elective, which will also provide personal attention. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business requirements. Contact us now for more information on English courses in Cape Town  

Are you ready for an exam course @ EC Cape Town?

Many universities and companies these days require students to have a certain level of English. More university departments are offering courses in English and as companies extend their global reach, they require a team who can deal with the demands of the job… in English! If you are preparing to take an exam course at EC Cape Town, here are a few tips to help you along. Firstly, you need to know if your university needs an IELTS or Cambridge score. They are not that different in terms of the skills they are grading but the preparation does change and there are a few technical differences. For example, the IELTS exam expires after 2 years but, in theory, any of the Cambridge courses is valid forever (as long as you can show you are actively using the language, ie in your work, writing or other regular communication).     Secondly, Cambridge exam courses have a huge focus on grammar in the exam and thus you will need a teacher or school to prepare. IELTS does not have such a direct grammar focus in the exam (as it is assumed you already know how to use complex written and spoken constructions.     Once you have decided to take any of these courses, you will need to start preparing: Read every and anything so that you are confident reading within time constraints and to improve your vocabulary. You will get various reading texts in either of these exams and some of them might not be your preferred material, so you need to feel comfortable with all kinds of reading material – start now! Watch movies, series and documentaries so that you are exposed to various accents and subject matter. In this way you will develop your knowledge about the world and … Read more

Students at graduation

5 reasons to study @ EC Cape Town

Do you need to do exam preparation? Are you looking for a unique Language and Travel experience? Then look no further. EC Cape Town offers both – a multi-cultural city and superior English language teaching. If you are not convinced, here are our 5 top reasons to study in Cape Town   1. State-of-the art teaching tools in a modern and vibrant classroom environment 2. All levels Beginner to exam courses such. Come and do your IELTS preparation in Cape Town 3. A selection of accommodation such as the student residence or Homestay in Cape Town city centre 4. EC Cape Town is the registered exam centre for all Cambridge exam courses 5. Sunset from Table Mountain or one of the many beaches the city has to offer All that’s left to say is… see you soon!

Silly hanging out at one of the many beaches which are close to EC Cape Town

Everything was wonderful at EC Cape Town English School

We ask our students regularly to tell us about their experience at EC Cape Town. Here Silly Camara (who had all had his English language classes in Cape Town, South Africa) tells us about his experience thus far. He completed an FCE, IELTS and is now doing an internship in the Student Services department. I want to talk about the Mother City, Cape Town, which is one of the most magnificent and beautiful cities I have ever been to. It has been a great experience for me as a student to stay 8 months in Cape Town and studying at one of its nicest language schools,  EC Cape Town Everything was wonderful at EC, the wide classrooms, the friendly teachers and staff. At EC I learned another way of studying and behaving with different people from different cultures and countries.   During my time in EC I learned many new things, made lots of news friend from all over the world and we visited many places such as Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and also of course the amazing beaches: Muizenberg, Camps Bay Beach and Clifton Beach.   There are many places in Cape Town that will stay memorable for me, the nice restaurants where it is possible to eat different kinds of food. Oh yes! I cannot finish this article without talking about my host family, who welcomed me with enthusiasm and happiness. They were such a wonderful family with whom I improved my speaking outside of class. After all Cape town remains the best place.

I had a great time!

Gun-Ui (aka Jason) came to EC, the South African Language Centre  in Cape Town and when he left, he wrote about his experience as a student in and outside the class. he was a star member of the football team and also joined the Rainbow Volunteer Project. He is truly a great ambassador for EC Cape Town and we thought we had to share his experience with you! Thank you Jason and we wish you all the best for the future! 🙂 Hello everyone, especially Korean, my name is Song-Gun-Ui and Jason(English name for foreign friends). I am from South Korea and my hometown is Seoul. It was my first time to visit South Africa and I have been in Cape Town for six months (24 weeks). My level started from Pre-Intermediate and then Intermediate and the IELTS course. I had a great time with wonderful teachers and friends. If someone who has some interest about EC Cape Town, I hope that my writing will help your choice. Now, I would like to introduce South African’s life and I am going to break common stereotypes for Asian students who are afraid of Africa because of poor information. First of all, I could not find any lions and elephants in Cape Town. It sounds funny, however, some friends still believe it. In my point of view, it is the place which a lot of tourists visit for sightseeing and relaxing. Instead of animals, I could watch beautiful beaches, enormous Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. As a cosmopolitan city, various people from other countries are walking around the city and I could meet different friends.   For example, my class had ten nationalities. South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Saudi, Finland, and Switzerland etc. We used to share our cultures in English and it … Read more

Take the plunge at EC Cape Town!

English 101

There are two kinds of students who come to our English school in Cape Town.   The first group generally has some knowledge of English; they are used to bigger cities, travelling and have no problem adjusting to Cape Town’s lifestyle, accent and culture.   Then we have another group of students who have little or no English whatsoever. They generally come from smaller cities or towns and find it very difficult to adjust to the culture, accent and weather!. These two groups have very different experiences after landing in the Mother City.   The first group is more involved in social activities at the school and they seem to make friends very easily because they are not afraid to communicate. The second group prefers to work alone. They don’t often make friends outside their own nationality and with the result their development is much slower. It is not easy to feel safe and secure in a place where you cannot speak the language and, unfortunately, these students feel that they are not learning fast enough and their experience often seems negative.     At EC Cape Town, we offer a range of free classes every day of the week to encourage students of all levels to interact and learn together, even though they might only be starting their English journey. Speaking is the first obstacle. English is a very easy language (compared to other languages) if you take the time to understand the grammar and you are prepared to do the extra work required. This extra work involves learning new words every day and having a strategy of revising and using these words.   I had a Spanish student who would use a new word he learnt in class word every day just to see if it was in the right context. It worked … Read more

A 360 degree view of the mountain, taken on one of EC cape Town's hikes

My Cape Town

I am a “heart person”. If I use my heart to speak, instead of my head, the words come easier. Actually I’m here in Cape Town because my heart was broken. My journey to Cape Town started a few months ago. I was feeling sad because my five-year relationship was over and I had doubts about my major at university. So, I decided to change. And for someone like me who loves nature, why not Cape Town?   I have never been to another continent before. I’m really far away from home and I miss my parents, my sister and my cats… but this is the best experience I have ever had. I can feel like myself here. I love the people, I love the food and the view is always amazing. It doesn’t matter where I am, it’s always possible to see the mountain and what a view!   In Brazil, I used to be lonely all the time because I was working and studying. Here in Cape Town I am never alone. In my host family, everybody is friendly. My room-mate is a quiet girl but she is really sweet. At school, I feel the same. The teachers and the whole EC team are helpful and kind. I also have a lot of friends from all over the world here. So many different cultures, I love it!     My teachers asked me to write a short text but it’s impossible. I can spend hours talking about this city. Thanks to Cape Town, my heart is not broken anymore. I wish I could stay here longer! If I had more time, I would definitely do it. I’m glad that I chose to study at this English school in Cape Town 🙂