The Night Haven Shelter

Mandela Day – EC Students give back

“Do not look the other way; do not hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for action, not words. Act with courage and vision.” Nelson Mandela   To celebrate Mandela Day (18th July) this year, EC Cape Town students and teachers took up the call again. We decided to volunteer at a homeless shelter, one of many in the city. Cape Town’s winters can be harsh and this affects the homeless even more. So, we thought it would be a good idea to support one of the shelters who provide much-needed support and comfort to the poorest of the poor. It all started with a donation drive and the EC Cape Town community did not disappoint – students and teachers donated food and other needed goods, which we delivered on the day. About 70 students braved the rain to drop off these items and spend some time with the staff and residents of the shelter. Why do we celebrate Mandela Day? By Daniele Martins Everybody knows Nelson Mandela. In November 2009, the United Nations officially declared 18th July as International Nelson Mandela Day. On July 18th you can do something good for 67 minutes. 1 minute for each year that he worked to change the world.  On this day, we went with EC Cape Town students and teachers to The Haven Night Shelter and I’m sure that everyone has learned something for life. It’s not about doing, it’s about being…being human. You can learn English and you can learn to be better every day.  It’s your choice.  What does Mandela Day mean to us? By Yayha Karsoum Mandela Day is one of the most important days throughout the year. Not just for South Africa but for people all over the world.  As we know, Nelson Mandela devoted 67 years of … Read more

English students from EC on the project

EC Cape Town Volunteer project – my best experience

We asked Abdullah Mashaab to write about his visit to EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer project.   What is EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers? I would like to share one of my best experiences while studying at EC Cape Town English language school. At EC Cape Town there is a volunteer programme called Rainbow Dreamers. This project takes students from EC English school Cape Town to a poor community and provides two hours of after school care for children in this community. The project gives students a different view of Cape Town. It was Rainbow Dreamers’ 5th anniversary on the day that I went, and we did a lot of nice things. We played many different games with the children, from football and basketball to skateboarding, sack races and colouring activities for the younger children.       What EC Cape Town Rainbow Dreamers gave me? My best part was exchanging hugs with the children – I felt the unconditional love and friendliness from the them, and this created a sense of responsibility for them. I also enjoyed singing and eating cupcakes together. It was a very nice day. I wish everybody will do it because it is something different and you feel like you’re a father. I also feel I understand more about Cape Town now.   Contact us for more information on volunteering at EC Cape Town

The EC Cape Town welcome - in all 11 official langauges

My journey to EC Cape Town

We asked Giacomo to tell us about his journey to EC Cape Town  (the South African English Language Centre)on his first day and this is what he had to say:   I am really excited being here at EC Cape Town to improve my language skills. This is my first day at school in Cape Town which is an interesting and spectacular South African city. I have just met the teacher and many other students who come from all over the world. My journey will be very helpful for me to know more about new people, new cultures and extraordinary  places, not only in the city but also out in the countryside.   After this English course I’m going to participate in a Volunteer programme with Projects Abroad, an international organisation operating all over the world. This project will help me to get important and useful experience for my life. I am really focussed on studying English and to complete this four weeks in the best way

Silly hanging out at one of the many beaches which are close to EC Cape Town

Everything was wonderful at EC Cape Town English School

We ask our students regularly to tell us about their experience at EC Cape Town. Here Silly Camara (who had all had his English language classes in Cape Town, South Africa) tells us about his experience thus far. He completed an FCE, IELTS and is now doing an internship in the Student Services department. I want to talk about the Mother City, Cape Town, which is one of the most magnificent and beautiful cities I have ever been to. It has been a great experience for me as a student to stay 8 months in Cape Town and studying at one of its nicest language schools,  EC Cape Town Everything was wonderful at EC, the wide classrooms, the friendly teachers and staff. At EC I learned another way of studying and behaving with different people from different cultures and countries.   During my time in EC I learned many new things, made lots of news friend from all over the world and we visited many places such as Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and also of course the amazing beaches: Muizenberg, Camps Bay Beach and Clifton Beach.   There are many places in Cape Town that will stay memorable for me, the nice restaurants where it is possible to eat different kinds of food. Oh yes! I cannot finish this article without talking about my host family, who welcomed me with enthusiasm and happiness. They were such a wonderful family with whom I improved my speaking outside of class. After all Cape town remains the best place.

Doing an internship abroad… in South Africa!

We asked our new intern Khemil to tell us about his first weeks at EC’s South African Language Centre…this is what he had to say: I am Khemil Ramful, I am 19 years old and I am a French student in second year at EGC business school in Reunion Island. I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad for two months. At the beginning I didn’t know what country to choose, but when I heard of Cape Town. I suddenly wanted to have more information… and then come. I have never imagined to what extent Cape Town is amazing and this fascination started when I arrived on the plane and by seeing this amazing landscapes and nature surrounding this city. Cape Town have this particularity to bring together modernity with these high buildings we don’t have in our country, and diversity, tradition, and at the same time nature with the extraordinary Table Mountain. This is what make it really original and cosmopolitan. I am here for 2 months with my friends from EGC and at the moment I have the marvellous opportunity to do my internship at EC Cape which is very pleasant English school. I had the occasion the meet nice people there and created new contacts.   1. Table Mountain With its 1086 m altitude, Table Mountain is the most attractive place in Cape Town with an amazing view surrounding the city. This wonder dominates all of Cape Town and you can enjoy it any time with your friends or family. The first time I went to Table Mountain with my friends I felt very impressed because I could see all the city. It was amazing. If you want to enjoy more the view, you can take the cable car.   2. Boulders beach Boulders beach is … Read more

Although it was quite cold, these EC Cape Town students enjoyed themselves

Wine tasting experience in Cape Town

We asked our wonderful intern Ines to try out the wine tasting experience and to write her opinion about this popular activity on the social program at EC Cape Town, the premier English language centre in South Africa. (Ines is standing on the far right in the front row)   South Africa is well known for its wonderful wine estates…and You should enjoy it too! EC Cape Town offers many activities as part of their social program and since I had never done the tour before I thought I’d  try it for you! We visited two different wineries in Constantia with Patrick, our driver and guide for the day.The first wine estate was very big, when we arrived we can saw hectares of acres of grape vines and we were really impressed, what a lovely landscape!   Inside the farm, there are pretty paintings with typical South Africa decorations. I think it’s a wonderful place and there are lots of things to see before the guided tour. In this guided tour, the man explained the various steps of wine production, showed us various machines and the secrets to having a quality wine. Then, it’s time for the best moment: the wine tasting! We could try 5 different wines, including 2 white wine and 3 red wine. The five were very different and offered a variety of flavours – from some very fruity wine to the dry wines, it was very pleasant! To close the visit, we had the possibility to buy wines at the front desk and it was not so expensive.s The second wine estate was also in Constantia but it was smaller than the first. In this more familial and intimate atmosphere, we tasted 6 lovely wines and we can bought our favourites. Finally, I advise you to try … Read more

The red bus is the best way to see all of Cape Town

My first week in Cape Town

Ines Haddioui joined EC language school in Cape Town as an intern about a month ago. Here she recalls her first week. I arrived in Cape Town in the evening so I was able to observe a city full of lights. Cape Town is a city surrounded by beautiful mountains, the ocean … The life seems to be soft and livened up. So, what can you do in Cape Town? I am going to speak about my favourite places in this cosmopolitan city. .One point of view: Table Mountain To reach it, you can go for a hike up of 2 hours either take the small blue cable railway. At the top, the view is wonderful and you can see all the city if there are no clouds or fog.    One beach: Camps Bay In a few words, palm trees, white sand, clear water and mountains in the background. Unfortunately the water is freezing, but it’s a pleasure for the eyes and a place to relax with your friends and see the sunset. One night: Long Street It’s the most famous street of the city centre, especially for the night-life, with some restaurants, bars and nightclub. For the night party, it’s the place to be with a different atmospheres and music, but be on your guard, this is a big city like anywhere. One bus: City Sightseeing (The red bus) You can take this bus to go to Table Mountain and Camps Bay, it’s really interesting to see all the places known of the city with comments at the same time. You have a day pass and you can take the City Sightseeing whenever you want. One end of the world: Cape Point You will need the whole day for this excursions because on the road there are a lot … Read more

Now you can see why this hike is sio popular with EC Cape Town students

Why YOU should do Lion’s Head Hike

We asked our lovely intern, Betty Coquillard, to be brave, scale Lion’s Head and tell us why we should do this hike. Lion’s Head is one of the must-do activities at EC, the English Language Centre in South Africa.  Well, first of all, what is Lion’s Head ? Even if you’ve probably heard of it, Lion’s Head if one of the most famous peaks on Table Mountain surrounding Cape Town.Every week at EC Cape Town you’ll have the opportunity to do a free activity. I tried the Lion’s Head hike two days ago and it was quite a special adventure. You first have to take a cab (around R50) which drops you right where the hike begins. Starting with a 20 minutes walk on red soil, you’ll already see breathtaking landscapes :   But be prepared : bring comfortable shoes and water (think about a hat if it’s sunny)…the hike has begun! You’ll have to walk about 1h30min to reach the top at a normal speed. (You can also set yourself a challenge, it can be done way faster!). As you’ll be going higher and higher, you may get scared by looking down. Don’t, this hike is super safe, even if sometimes you have to take ladders or grab metal grips to help you climb, you’ll always be in small groups and everyone helps each other. You’ll be guided by Marc, one of EC Cape Town’s teachers and he’ll tell you a lot about Cape Town history but also about geography. You may also see some paragliders in action… if you’re lucky 🙂 If you reach the top, and you will, you’ll be able to admire the entire city from above. Enjoy and relax for a while. Scared you’ll slow down the group, or think you might not be good enough … Read more

Come to EC Cape Town to study English!

If you are confused choosing a place to study English, you should go to Cape Town. I had two reasons that I chose Cape Town to study English.     The first reason was that there are almost no Japanese people in Cape Town. This improved my English fast. Actually, there are almost no East Asian people in Cape Town. So I would like to recommend going to Cape Town especially for East Asian people. It’s not necessary to speak your language in Cape Town. The environment will help your English to improve very much.   The second reason was that I wanted to experience various different cultures. Cape Town has a lot of races and people who are from various countries with many kinds of food. These things would make you surprised and interested in other cultures.   Possibly, you might worry about safety. Actually, Cape Town could be more dangerous than your country. But, it’s not necessary to worry too much. If you pay attention a little bit and obey the rule that is like “Don’t walk alone at night”, you can avoid all dangerous things. Actually, I had no problem in Cape Town for 6 months.   And EC Cape Town must be the best place to improve your English. The teachers give you a lot of opportunities to improve your English and make you understand your strong and weak points. Also, you can make a lot of friends at EC Cape Town. I often played football and had a BBQ with my friends. My life in Cape Town was really great. The weather was perfect. The nature was beautiful. The people are exciting. I hope you will come to Cape Town and get a wonderful experience.   Thank you for this wonderful testimonial Yusuke(aka Suzuki). He started … Read more

Frankfurt in Cape Town?

Arriving in Cape Town, you feel more like you are in Frankfurt or any other big city in Germany than being in Africa.       But what brings you down to earth and gives you the feeling that you are in South Africa and not in Germany? Firstly, going to the supermarkets you will see shopping bags with animals like elephants, giraffes or buffalos printed on them.     And of course, the weather! The temperature can reach up to 40 degrees in summer, although the breeze does make the hot weather more enjoyable and bearable!       Regarding security: a lot of streets have CCTV cameras in order to establish security. You shouldn’t go walking alone at night, travel by train in fringe areas or walk in very quiet areas, where there is no visible security. I kept my valuables and important documents in my room safe. A strange feeling for me was that our house was monitored by a security guard.     When you are in traffic, the lights for the pedestrians are different to the ones in Germany: three seconds green, flashing red for approximately ten seconds- that’s the reason half of the pedestrians in Cape Town – especially the unaware tourists – run across the streets all the time. A kind of fitness program of the government! 🙂 In addition to the traffic you will see minibus taxis everywhere! The taxi drivers have a very special driving behaviour and love to stop whenever they want to.       Fun fact: between the towns of Springbok and Upington car manufacturers from Europe and Asia test the speed of their cars. Signs on the vehicles make it clear that they are allowed to drive as fast as they want to.     Walking around … Read more