EC Cape Town Student Donates Book to Library

When students leave EC Cape Town, they don’t leave for good they always find themselves a month or two later back at EC visiting all the staff its like they are glued to our team! We in all honesty cannot blame them, we welcome each student, past and present with open arms into our family, we … Read more

Intermediate 4 Class visits an Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap

The inquisitive students from the Intermediate 4 class visited the Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap. They had to practice their question forms and report writing skills. Well done!   Americo from Angola and Mohammed from Libya. The “uncle” at the expo answering questions. Haithm from Yemen, Jessica and Manual from Angola.   Izdehar from Libya and … Read more

Pitches for a New Fruit Juice

  The very creative students from the Intermediate 4 Class had to imagine themselves as advertising agents. They had to “pitch” (or present) their ideas to a Marketing Manager in order to persuade a company to use their services. The aim was to give a new fruit juice a memorable name, a catchy slogan and present effective ways … Read more

Advertise This!

The lovely students from Hardie’s Intermediate 4 class sparkled today as Advertising Agencies! They had to transform a soft, sparkling, juicy drink into one of the most popular drinks for kids. They were asked to come up with a catchy name, a slogan and an advertising strategy. They had to design their campaign and promotional … Read more

Film Festival

        EC students turned out in significant numbers to watch a South African movie, “District 9”. They took notes during the movie and afterwards they wrote very educated opinions about the movie. Few, actually liked the movie (’cause it so gory) but all the students loved the activity! Their movie reviews smacked of … Read more