Abdul, Kaashiefa and Kevin leave the EC family

This Friday is a sad day at EC Cape Town as Abdul, Kaashiefa and Kevin are leaving us. Abdul worked at English School EC Cape Town for 4 years, whereas Kaashiefa and Kevin worked for the last 2 months. “ It is with great sadness that I have to say farewell to all the wonderful staff and teachers of EC Cape Town and also not forgetting the amazing students from all across the globe. I would like to say that it was an absolute pleasure for me to be part of the EC Family and to serve all of you for the past 4 years. I will never forget you and you all have a special place in my heart. Farewell my friends!” Abdul Jacobs “I would like to thank all the EC staff, teachers, students that made my experience unforgettable and helped me through my studies and my internship. It was really nice to meet you all, I won’t forget you! I’m going to travel around Africa for the next few weeks but you’re welcome to visit me in Switzerland!” Kevin Gasperi “I’ve enjoyed the time that I spent here at EC being part of the EC family. It’s been a great experience both personally and professionally. I will miss Kevin especially and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. I hope he will return to Cape Town soon! This is not a goodbye from me as I will keep in touch with my EC family!” Kaashiefa Majal In addition, some of our EC staff would like to show their gratitude about the hard work they have done and their assistance with the students. ”It is a sad day indeed. Today we bid farewell to the most important person at EC. Abdul has been with us for … Read more