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Three recommendations for students learning English in Dublin

What does it mean to learn English in Dublin? Find out what three things our Dublin English school director recommends you do while studying in this wonderful city.     So, you’re thinking about taking an English course in Dublin? Hi there, I’m Kenny and I’m the Centre Director at EC Language Center, Dublin and we can’t wait to welcome you to this fantastic city. Here are a couple of tips so you can make the most out of your time in Dublin. Tip number one: St. Stephen’s Green. Don’t forget to visit one of the most beautiful parks in Dublin city centre, next to the iconic Grafton Street where you can find musicians and performers all day long. Tip number two: Trinity College. Trinity College was founded for Queen Elizabeth I. It’s over 500 years old and it also has the Book of Kells. You can’t forget to visit Trinity College. Tip number three: Temple Bar. This is where the magic happens. Visit the old traditional side to Dublin, take in the atmosphere and speak to the locals. This is a great opportunity to use your English. So, there you have it, the only thing we’re missing… is you! Those are EC Dublin’s three recommendations for students learning English in Dublin. Contact us today for more information on our Dublin English school.

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Learn English while having fun in Dublin

Do you want to go on a study trip but you haven’t booked a ticket yet because you don’t have anyone to travel with? Would you like to travel alone and learn English in a foreign country, but do your fears keep you? Then English courses in Dublin are for you. Dublin is undoubtedly a very popular destination for anyone interested in learning English. The quality of the courses, the passion for the language, the beauty of the landscapes that brighten the stay of the students and the warm atmosphere make this city the perfect destination for all those who want to embark on an adventure and study English independently. Dublin should be your choice if you want to learn English in a lively place, with a young population, where it’s easy and fun to talk to people and there’s always something to do. English courses in Dublin: the right balance of study and leisure In Dublin you will not only be able to choose the course that is most suitable for you from General English, English for Work, English in the City and preparation courses to ESOL and IELTS exams, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful and stimulating activities that a historic and at the same time cosmopolitan city like Dublin can offer to a student. In fact, whether you are a lover of the metropolis with its crowded streets or a person who wants to take refuge in natural beauty, in Dublin you will find activities and events that adapt to your every interest. The museums in Dublin are excellent and many of them are free for students. The National Botanic Gardens are within walking distance of the city center, as well as the city’s two main parks: St. Stephen’s … Read more

Dream of studying abroad? Try our Dublin English school

Are you planning to study English abroad and take advantage of getting to know an English-speaking city? Among your possible destinations, there is Dublin, a city that you would like to visit and discover in depth. How can we disagree with such a great choice? This capital was able to define its identity truly in the 20th century. Dublin is the classic ‘best-kept-secret’ city. Divided into two parts by the River Liffey, it is recognised as one of the most dynamic and modern capitals of Europe. The extraordinary museums, galleries and countless theatres, bear witness to the great creativity of the city. This extraordinary ancient/modern union fascinates and charms all visitors. The Irish sky awaits you at our English school in Dublin Coming to study at our English school in Dublin will allow you to reach your desired level of English and, at the same time, discover a magical city full of character. With its lively old town and a large green, this city of about 600,000 inhabitants has always attracted everyone. Usually, when we hear about Dublin, we think of literature, theatre, the green cradle that inspired great writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and many others. Each of them has been able to give us, a unique version of the capital. If you love literature, books and especially writers, you cannot miss the Dublin Writers Museum which tells the literary tradition of the city until the 1970s. Another must-see stop is Trinity College, the inspiring ancient Irish university. Inside you will find one of the oldest libraries in Europe, built between 1712 and 1732, with the main hall known as the “Long Room”, 65 meters long with over 200,000 ancient volumes. In a shop window, you can admire the oldest harp in Ireland, made of oak … Read more

Learn English in Dublin | Overview

  If you’re planning to study English abroad, you probably know by now that Dublin is one of the most popular destinations for international students, but what makes the city so special? Dublin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital with all the heart and soul of your favourite little village. It is surrounded by lush, green landscapes and immersed in centuries of history. This Irish gem is bursting with breath-taking sights to see and an endless list of things to do! Why learn English in Dublin? If you are either planning to choose one of our English courses in Dublin for a couple of weeks, months or even a year, you will definitely have an experience you will never forget. Apart from having a unique cultural identity with its own language, Ireland is an English speaking country and home to many multinational businesses. All of this makes Ireland a very interesting mix of tradition and history, but also forward-thinking modernity. Achieve your goals in Europe’s most entrepreneurial country.     Experience life in one of the world’s friendliest cities Easily get outside the city and explore many beautiful landscapes and villages Practise your English with natives, who are known for being very friendly and welcoming Dive into Ireland’s rich cultural heritage with its own distinctive music, culture and sports Be amazed by its beautiful, green countryside; it’s why Ireland is called ‘the Emerald Isle’ From Dublin, you can easily explore Ireland’s famous cities like Galway and Cork Celebrate the popular St Patrick’s Day on March 17. To help you better plan your stay in Dublin, here are a few tips and some useful information to help you to explore the city to the max while you learn English in Dublin. 5 things you must see in Dublin: Trinity College St. Stephen’s Green Temple Bar … Read more

Adriana Indiana shares her experience learning English in Dublin

Choosing a destination to immerse yourself in learning English abroad is not an easy decision. There are so many amazing destinations to chose from, with rich culture, beautiful landscapes and friendly people, but how do you select one that has a good combination of everything? Dublin is a relatively small capital city, with a unique character, culture and entertainment that makes it an excellent place to learn English. The city is well-known not just for its greenery and beautiful landscapes, but also for having a relaxed and fun atmosphere full of friendly people, which will make your stay even more pleasant and enjoyable. For these and many other reasons, Brazilian student Adriana Indiana decided to spend 6 months learning English in Dublin. Check out Adriana’s full feedback about her experience in Dublin and see why this city should definitely be on top of your list! Learning English in Dublin… Why did you choose to learn English abroad? I chose learn English abroad because I’ve tried to study before in my country but was quite boring. We go to English class just twice a week and study for two or three hours and nobody speaks English with you, so I decided to study in an English country. How long are you going to be studying in Dublin? Why? I came here just for study English for six months, after that I decided to study again to improve my English, and I’m here for one year. What are the advantages of studying English abroad? How can it help your career? Living abroad… is not just learning a new language, it is like opening the mind to innovative experiences. Learning about other cultures, religions, many kinds of food, new friends around the world, and the most important to me is learning about myself. I … Read more

Welcome to our EC Dublin Blog

Our EC Dublin Blog is finally ready! If you are planning to learn English in Dublin, here you will find everything you need to know about our EC Dublin school, courses, social activities, academic posts to help you learn and much more. You will also hear from our own students about their experience in this wonderful city. As a big part of the student experience abroad is exploring the city and interacting with locals, we’ll be also giving you plenty of tips on how to practise your English around Dublin, sharing the best places to visit in the city and special tips directly from locals to make sure you will have the BEST time of your life.   Why study English at EC Dublin? EC is a renowned English school, operating 25 schools in the most exciting destinations around the world, aiming to help students to succeed in the global community. This year, the school won the most prestigious honour at the 2017 StudyTravel Magazine Awards, after thousands of voters chose EC as the best English language school. Our school aims to open doors for our students by helping them to improve their English. So whether your goal is to learn English in Ireland for your education, your career or just to have the time of your life, we will help you to achieve your goals.   Our facilities EC schools are modern, comfortable and equipped with the latest learning technology. We understand our students will learn better when immersed in a relaxed and pleasant environment. At EC Dublin you will find free Wi-Fi, smart TVs, a student lounge, library facilities, students computers and much more.   Our courses At EC Dublin you will find many different English courses for you to choose from, in order to attend our students’ … Read more