Certificate-giving Ceremony at EC Malta


EC Malta’s General Manager Maurice Rizzo presented 14 students who had successfully followed the ESOL Cambridge Examination Course with their EC Certificates of Attendance, in a little ceremony held in the Student Lounge.  The graduates and their friends and teachers were invited to a small party where they could enjoy snacks, including traditional Maltese pastizzi, and soft drinks, and take photos on their last day of school so as not to forget their study experience in Malta.  A toast was made to all FCE and CAE students, wishing them the best of luck in the exams.  Certificates were given to the following students: Kristina Winderstrom, Annette Lingbert, Andreas Wutrich, Niklaus Gutgell, Andrey Vialeneixi, Galina Korshikova, Jin Se Oh, keiko Iwamoto, Veronica Rodriguez, Evgenia Sakevich, Federica Premoso, Tomoko Nishiyama, Fabio Guida and Corinne Rohrer.  Well done to all!