Brazilian Footballer William Machado de Oliveira Learning English at EC

William Machado de Oliveira

It’s an exciting time to be a football fan at EC London and Malta at the moment – How would you feel about having a star football player as a classmate?

Newly retired Brazilian footballer William Machado de Oliveira, better known as William, has been learning English with EC for the last few months!

After a successful career in which William captained legends Corinthians to the Brazilian championship, William has decided to broaden his horizons by learning English with us.

He is currently studying at EC Malta following eight weeks at EC London. In three more weeks, William will return to London for even more lessons. We admire his commitment.

So what motivated William to start taking lessons? Coldplay’s Chris Martin can take responsibility for that!

William became determined to learn English after meeting the singer at an after show party in Rio. William could only watch as his teammates Ronaldo (the original one) and Edu (Ex-Arsenal) chatted in English with the pop star. William became frustrated with on own lack of English and decided to do something about it.

Now that he has retired from football, William is taking the time to learn the English he needs to communicate with people from all over the world. With his improved English level, William intends to travel Europe before starting work as a financial advisor, where English ability will be essential.

And William is not the only Brazilian who has chosen to learn English in Malta. In the past 12 months, the amount of Brazilian students coming to Malta has increased by 100%.

Let’s find out from William why Malta is becoming so popular with Brazilians: “I feel that the lifestyle here is quite similar, to a certain extent, to that in Brazil.”

“I feel more comfortable here. One reason why, for instance, which might sound a bit bizarre, is that I can wear flip-flops every day in Malta. I feel that flip-flops allow me to roam about very easily, and Malta’s fantastic weather gives me the opportunity to wear flip-flops wherever I want!”

Keep studying hard William and enjoy the rest of your time learning at EC.