Discover London

This month we’re very proud to announce the arrival of our brand-new London Travel Guide! This guide is a language student’s best friend; it’s packed with essential information, language challenges, and tips to help you to become immersed in the culture and live in the city like a local.

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Do you want to discover what makes London special while developing your language skills in the real world? Take a look at this colourful infographic for fun facts and different language challenges which you can complete all over the city!




How to use Language Challenges:

• Challenging yourself is a great way to improve your English. So, read out the challenges carefully and see which one suits better for you.
• The challenges are divided into different English levels, so see which one you feel more comfortable with and don´t be afraid to try them all!
• Once you have chosen a challenge, check our travel guide to check for more information about the place you are going to. Good luck!

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