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TOEIC exam

A few blog posts ago, we looked at the main differences between TOEFL and IELTS – which are the most widely-used English proficiency tests around. Today, we’re shifting our attention to another popular exam, the Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC.

Many find it hard to properly understand the difference between TOEFL and its counterpart TOEIC (both US-based exams), but once you break things down into bite-size chunks, everything becomes pretty straightforward.

The key difference between the two exams is that TOEIC measures your ability to use the language in an international business setting, while TOEFL does the same in an academic context. Let’s take a look at the basic differences between these two tests, and a breakdown of the exam structure

For learners who want to work in an international, English-speaking environment For learners who want to study at an English-speaking institution
2 sections (Reading & Listening, Speaking & Writing) 4 sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing)
2 hours long Approximately 4.5 hours (including break)
Topics and vocabulary ranging from business meetings to more casual settings Topics and vocabulary covering academic settings such as on-campus interactions and lectures
Student can score 10 – 990, corresponding to bands in the Common European Framework Maximum score is 120; colleges and universities state score requirement for admission



TOEIC Test Structure

Part Title Number of Questions
1 Photographs 10
2 Question-response 30
3 Short Conversations 30
4 Short Talks 30



Reading Section (75 minutes)

Part Title Number of Questions
5 Incomplete Sentences 40
6 Text Completion 12
7 Reading Comprehension (Single passage, double passage) Single passage – 28 Double passage – 20


The most important part about your TOEIC exam is preparation; consistently studying and practising your skills is the key to exam success. If you want to target and refine your skills, why not take a TOEIC Exam Preparation our a TOEFL Exam Preparation class to guide you towards a grade you’ll be proud of?

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Good luck, everyone!
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