5 Things Every Student Thinks Before a Test

Whether you’re learning English abroad or just studying for those end-of-year tests, you know that there are certain things that every student experiences in the run up to exam day. Sure, you’ve studied (or sometimes, maybe not), but that doesn’t mean you’re free from those horrible things called ‘nerves’. Between coming up with plans for summer and revising for final exams, this is a busy time of year for students – but we’re here to have a little laugh about it all. Here are 5 things you’ve probably thought about before a test!


1. I’ve got so much time, I don’t have to study yet.


This is the stage you’re on a few days before the test, when you’re still deep in the procrastination zone (procrastination is the act of saying you’ll do something later, because you just don’t feel like doing it now). Once you’ve cleaned your bathroom from top to bottom, re-organised your wardrobe, and binge-watched everything on Netflix you reach the next stage… actually sitting down and studying.

2. I’m OK. I’ve totally got this.

learning english abroad

You’ve started making flashcards or reviewing your notes, and you’ve started to feel like you really understand the material. Well done! It feels like you’ll be able to get it all finished in time for the exam without a problem. Have a biscuit.


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This feeling sets in after you’ve been studying for what feels like hours and realise that you’re barely a third of the way through your notes. This usually comes with a feeling of dread and a feeling that maybe you should have paid more attention in class.

4. What is the lowest mark I can get on this test without failing the class?


You start frantically using your calculator app to figure out the minimum grade you have to get on the test, doing more math than you probably have in years.

5. It’ll be fine. I just need some sleep.


After taking the test the next day you assume you’ve failed it, only to get it back a few weeks later and see you’ve gotten an A. Don’t worry so much next time! You’re awesome.


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