Why Gold Coast is Your Ideal English Learning Destination

Are you thinking of studying English in Australia? In the land “down under”, as people like to call it. We’re putting the spotlight on EC Gold Coast in the blog this week, to show you what makes this such an attractive destination. From the school to the outdoors to the overall atmosphere, there’s so much to love here. Some people refer to the city as the glittering Gold Coast, so read on and you’ll discover why.

Fabulous Beaches and BBQs

Located just 5 minutes’ walk from the beach, you can enjoy that refreshing sea air morning, afternoon and evening. Walk to school via the beach. Go for a swim or a surf after class. Hang out, play volleyball… the list really is endless! One of the top activities at the school is a beach bbq which the students enjoy a lot. It’s one of the most Australian activities to take part in and it provides a great opportunity for students to socialise with each other. The ultimate icebreaker!

It’s a Surfer’s Paradise

White sand and turquoise water with sea temperatures between 21.5C and 30C all year round. It’s easy to see why Gold Coast is known as Surfer’s Paradise. For the beginner, it’s the perfect environment to get used to the water. Those warm temperatures would encourage anyone to keep trying, no matter how many times you fall. For experienced surfers it’s the ideal location to continue an activity you love while learning English. Again, with the unbeatable location of the school, you can very easily fit both into your day.

Laid-Back Aussie Beach Vibes

Naturally, with this sort of lifestyle, the overall atmosphere of the city is very laid-back. You’ll find pop-up markets by the beach and in the suburbs. This is where you’ll find everything from fresh produce and crafts to art and food vendors. EC Gold Coast often organises a tour of Broadbeach Market on a Sunday. Meanwhile, also at the weekends, is the Night Quarter Market which offers all the above with the added charm of live music.

Adore the Amazing Nature

Now for all the nature lovers out there. It’s well known that many people come to Australia for its unique wildlife and landscape. Without a doubt, wherever you go in this country is sure to be breath-taking. Should your English learning experience take you to Gold Coast between June and November, then you’re in luck. Why? These months are whale watching season! Grab your classmates and organise a trip to see these incredible animals on full display in open water. It’s an absolute must-see!

A School with a Community Feel

When you`ll start your English Course at EC Gold Coast ,you’ll immediately notice the natural tones of the interiors and simple design and clean lines. Blend this with the minimalistic style artwork, the sun pouring in the windows and the friendly faces waiting to greet you at reception. This is the kind of welcome to make anyone feel at home. The teachers are knowledgeable, and passionate about the dedication to your education. Altogether making the environment feel more like a community and ready to welcome you.

Are you planning to study English abroad? EC offers classes in a variety of tempting locations around the world and they’re waiting for you.