15 of the Most Beautiful English Words

There’s nothing like a fresh stock of vocabulary to boost your English language ability and this week we wanted to give you a little treat. Below are some of the most beautiful words in English. Beautiful for how they sound or for what they mean. Maybe even both sometimes. Try them out. Put them to good use in your conversations and watch your English become more and more natural. For now brace yourselves as things are about to get a whole lotta pretty around here!


A word with multiple meanings is always a good place to start, so let’s hear it for ‘fancy’! It can be something elaborate, expensive or decorative. Or, in a colloquial sense, it means to want something, e.g., “I quite fancy a beer”. So it’s not that you are craving it, but right now, it would really hit the spot. Another way to use it is to say you’re attracted to someone, or have a crush on them. It goes a little like this, “I fancy you.” Those three simple little words we all want to hear!


This noun instantly makes you imagine pink bubbles and pastel hair and with good reason. If you don’t already know, it’s a gum that you chew and blow into bubbles! It sounds just as cute and fun as it is.


The onomatopoeic nature of this word is exactly what makes it beautiful. What does it mean? A direct communication or involvement with another person. It seems that most words related to relationships are lovely.


This is used in so many ways! You’ll regularly hear people say “I want to chill this weekend” meaning to “relax”. Another one, “chill out!”, is telling someone to not be so serious and enjoy themselves. A “chilly day” is a cold day, and to have “the chills” is when something scares you, just a little… just enough to feel a shiver on your back.


This tiny little green creature has one of the cutest names of all. Caterpillar. Somehow made all the more adorable by the fact that such a small animal has such a big, elaborate name.


Any word that can inspire a belief for good things to happen, for people to continue waiting for good things or a positive outcome has to be included here. Not only this, but the sound alone is so complete and strong, it’s perfect.


Immediately giving you images of bright summer days, of the sunlight streaming through your window after a long night, holidays, picnics, walks in the country side, the warmth of its yellow heat on your skin… Need we say any more?


These red summer berries taste amazing and they look wonderful with their bright scarlet colour and plump form. They’re even shaped like a heart! What could be more beautiful than that?


A word that is almost spiritual in its meaning. ‘Sense’ can mean to feel something intuitively, to have a feeling about something. It also refers to the five senses of the human body: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.


The word ‘touch’ can be as light and delicate or as hard and harsh as you choose to pronounce it. The emphasis is key here, as is context. Using it in sentences such as, “keep in touch” when leaving a friend, creates an instant sentimental attachment. Beautiful.


This adjective is simply fun to say. Try standing in a mirror and looking at your lips as you say it. The way your mouth purses around the word creates the feeling of being posh! If this is a new word for you, ‘posh’ is a noun to describe anything that is luxurious or elegant.


For the instant feeling of having a great grasp of English, start understanding and using this word. Outrageous! An adjective with a lot of punch, you’ll hear people say, “that’s outrageous!” This means it’s something, shocking, incredible, unbelievable to such a degree that it must be exaggerated.


Beautiful because of how magical its sound is, this word describes a sudden moment of clarity. That moment when you feel a great realisation or solution, as if from nowhere, like a gift from the gods themselves!


In the US, this little colourful beetle is called a ‘ladybug’. Whether you choose to call it a ‘ladybird’ or ‘ladybird’ is up to you. There’s no denying however, that when you hear it your mind transports you to children’s fairy-tales and lush green forests.


Mmmmh! Just hearing this word makes you feel soft inside. Think of kittens, little ducklings and rabbits or any baby animal and how soft they are. Think of your favourite pillow. Your duvet. The best pancakes you’ve ever eaten. What do they all have in common? They’re all super fluffy!


There you have it! 15 of the most beautiful words in the English language. Do you agree with them? We bet you’ve heard others that you thought should be on the list so please let us know! If we hear enough of them we’ll publish a second part with your suggestions. In the meantime, wherever you’re studying English abroad, have a great weekend!


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