NEW SCHOOL: EC Vancouver 30+

Learn English in Vancouver

We have some exciting news from Canada!

We are proud and excited to announce our newest addition to the 30+ family: EC Vancouver 30+ as of January 2020! Now, you can study in a location that mixes big city living and the great outdoors, combining the perfect work/study-life balance.

Picture yourself in the heart of Vancouver, learning English with the aid of modern and cutting-edge facilities such as interactive whiteboards. All classes are delivered by passionate teachers, focused on your learning and progression. Don’t forget the student lounge, library, free Wi-Fi, self-study area and computers. The only this missing is…you!

EC Vancouver 30+ school has its own co-working space, dedicated areas for 30+ students to network, to research or to do your work. When you select a school, it’s because it fulfills your English language goals and allows you to do so without interrupting your life.

With a combination of lessons and activities, your days are filled with opportunities to practise your English. While lessons provide you with direct learning, excursions, free language workshops and activities give you indirect vocabulary and language practice, offering you a balanced and thorough learning schedule.

Our 30+ English schools were the first in the business and thanks to the dedication and hard work of our teams, we remain the best. We launched our 30+ English school in 2013 in London and Malta and in 2016 in New York and Toronto and then expanded to Dublin in 2018. We now have six 30+ schools in five countries, so you are sure to find the perfect city for you to learn English.

Our 30+ English schools are designed specifically for more mature students who have greater experience in life and the world of work.

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