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EC Virtual Social

Students learning English online with EC Virtual are being offered a range of social activities primarily provided through the Microsoft Teams platform. This Social Program integrates the values of the Orange Carpet Experience, virtually, such as breaking the ice and getting to know your peers through activities, providing a welcome event prior to your arrival to class and hosting a farewell event on your last day.

We’re setting up Social teams in each time zone to develop social programme calendars with a range of activities and events that you can attend from the comfort, and safety, of your own home!

We are offering students 3 activities per week:

1. Academic activities

Similar to the free academic workshop we offer in our EC schools. These language classes make your learning experience as broad and varied as possible. and it is suggested that it is offered via zoom to accommodate the number of students that may attend. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer. Please note, these are examples and subject to change.

i. Pronunciation Clinic
ii. Culture Class
iii. Coffee and Conversation Club

2. Social activities

We’re compiling a list of online social activities to keep you entertained. These activities allow you to practise your English in a natural environment, meet new people and even learn some practical skill. Take a look at some of our possible options: Workout class, cooking class, Yoga, Netflix party, trivia, painting class…the list is endless! Some popular mediums to host these activities on are Zoom, Houseparty, Netflix Party as well as Teams.

3. Graduation and Welcome activities

The Graduation activity (hosted on Microsoft Team) celebrates our departing students. Everyone is invited to this event, even new students who begin their classes the following Monday. Following Graduation is an orientation or Welcome for these new students where they will receive information about their class format, do their placement tests and make sure that they have everything they need to begin on Monday.

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