Reopening our EC English schools in Australia and New Zealand

We are thrilled to announce that all our English schools in Australia and New Zealand are in the process of reopening. The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains our highest priority and reopening our Australia and New Zealand centres is an important first step in reopening all our schools in a measured process. These are the safety guidelines we have put in place.

Guiding principles

• Only the EC part of campus is open on shared campuses.
• Temperature checks are done on entry of every person entering the campus – Australia only.
• Use of the government COVID Safe App is encouraged – Australia only.
• Staff and students are told not to come to campus if suffering symptoms.
• Signs posted prominently throughout the school to remind all of the importance of distancing and hygiene.
• Encouragement of social distancing measures: 1 metre for Auckland and 1.5 metres for Australian campuses.

Common areas

• Students can eat lunch in their classroom ‘bubble’ to minimise contact with other classes.
• We strongly recommend students bring food for break time and not leave at break time.
• Every second computer in the computer lab is available to encourage physical distancing. A maximum of 12 students are permitted in the computer room at any given time.
• Bathroom doors are kept open to allow staff and students to enter and exit without touching the doors. Of course, privacy considerations dictate whether this is possible in all campuses.
• Lifts are encouraged only for deliveries or those affected by disabilities and health issues – stairwells should be used by all others.

Class management and timetables

• Staggered start, break, and end times to minimise contact at ingress, egress and on-campus – Australian campuses only.
• Class sizes kept to 10 or 15 in the case of suitably large rooms, e.g. partitioned double rooms opened to be one.
• Furniture is arranged to allow safe distancing

Personal protective equipment

• Hand sanitizer is available in every classroom and additional sanitizer dispensers at reception and in staffrooms.


• Schools are cleaned twice daily, with specific attention to door handles, keyboards, switches and buttons.

Alternative delivery and work arrangements

• Students who request to continue studying online are welcome to do so.

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