EC Virtual, online English course, student reviews

You asked for it, we gave it to you! Due of the global lockdown, students like you were unable to travel abroad to learn English with EC, so a few months ago we launched, EC Virtual, our online English course. This gave you the opportunity to improve your English from home while still enjoying the unique EC experience.

We have always celebrated innovation, so we’re proud to bring the classroom to you with our online English classes. The focus of these lessons is to help students reach their language goals using experienced EC teachers who are all qualified English speakers as well as through a combination of:

i) virtual learning
ii) online collaboration with other students and
iii) self-study

Our online English classes follow the same EC curriculum and use the same National Geographic Learning books as in regular classes. This curriculum is supplemented by our online learning platform EC Online.

Now that we have been running EC Virtual for a few months, we’d love to share some of the feedback we’ve received from our students around the world.

What EC Virtual students are saying – Student reviews

“All the classes, dynamics between students and teacher’s explanation went transformed to adapt in this online world. Apart from that, and an important topic for me, in each class, teachers create Pre and Post Tasks, to start and finish the daily class. For me, is an incredible experience, because besides being able to interact with my classmates before and after classes, is an opportunity to start and finish my studies, making all learning to be optimized and interactive.”
Gisele, Spain

“I must say that EC Virtual Experience has absolutely lived up to my expectations. EC Virtual classroom is efficient, collaborative, and convenient. Besides the online class, we have pre and post-lesson tasks with other students that help us to deepen what we were learning.”
Hungarian Student

“I believe studying by myself is limited; however, studying with the EC Virtual course helps me to understand unclear fields better. Moreover, communicating with teachers and classmates motivates me to keep studying every day. Now I’m very comfortable attending in the online course via computer, and learn English more and more with classmates from worldwide when we do the extra tasks.” 
Kei, Japan

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