Learning English in Malta means immersing yourself in a unique culture

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Is the idea of ​​going on a study trip and dreams of being able to study in an exotic and original place, perhaps on an island, getting more and more in your head? So why not choose Malta? An island with a unique and special character, a real pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t wait too long to combine business with pleasure in a breathtaking setting! The town of San Giuliano (St Julian) will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Originally an ancient fishing village, today a popular and popular destination, San Giuliano is located in a central position, close to the delightful Paceville. A few steps the beaches of San Giorgio, the Spinola Bay and the rocky Sliema. A very special place to study and have fun at the same time.

Choosing to study English in Malta not only represents a unique opportunity to learn and / or improve the most studied language in the world, but also to discover one of the most interesting islands in the Mediterranean. Each course is designed to meet the needs of students as well as their duration and organization. The classes are divided according to the level and linguistic competence of each student. The groups are made up of students from all parts of the world and this will be an exceptional opportunity to build and maintain a network of contacts over time and, why not, friendships!

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Live an unforgettable experience: Learn English in Malta

Do you prefer a school that is accredited and that can issue you with a recognized certification for the academic and professional world? Would you like to have the opportunity to take the IELTS, ESOL and TOELF exam, be free to choose short or intensive courses, annual and / or even study holidays? Do you like traveling, learning a new language in a lively and young context?

Malta is definitely a destination to consider. Learning or improving your English with native and qualified teachers in such a context is priceless. The benefits and quality will soon be concrete and the fun guaranteed. Having the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in an English-speaking context, under the professional guidance of experienced and passionate teachers, you will quickly obtain unexpected and long-lasting results. Being able to make good friends easily will make everything even more interesting. Malta offers many attractions and culture. The many activities organized by the school will lead you to discover intensely the authentic reality of the island and its inhabitants. History, culture, fun and day and night entertainment will characterize a dream study stay.

And after an EC course, a nice refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea!

In short, Malta offers you much more than what you are looking for, a unique experience of its kind! Are you ready to pack and leave?

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