Why study English in London with people from all over the world

Here’s why you should study English in London with people from all over the world. London is a city that needs no introduction: London is the perfect combination of history, culture and entertainment. Not surprisingly, it is the number one destination for those who study the English language and it may be the right place for you too.

Studying English in London means being exposed to different cultures, broadening your vision of the world and making lasting friendships while practicing and improving your skills together with people like you.

You will never stop learning in London. Your English will improve every time you meet new people and make new friends. In fact, learning a new language is not only about the grammar, the exercises and the words you read in the books or that you listen to in the classroom, but also about the possibility of immersing yourself in a culture and the opportunity to try your new language skills in a real context. With students from over 200 countries studying in London, you will have the opportunity to create a global network of friends and contacts with whom to communicate in English, which will last a lifetime!

Live and Study English in One of the Most Exciting Cities in the World

With EC London, you will be able to maximize your skills and improve your English effectively. London is a very welcoming city and you will soon be able to practice English even outside your classroom. This engaging city is a center of culture, history, music, fashion and entertainment. There is plenty to do in your free time, thanks to a wide variety of tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, discos, theaters, cinemas, shops, museums and galleries. Relax walking through the Royal Parks or take a boat ride along the Thames to liven up your afternoons, before heading out to discover the city’s unrivaled nightlife. By studying and living in London, you will have easy access to iconic sites such as the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey – some of the most interesting cultural attractions in the world!

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