Student José reviews our online English programme

EC Virtual, our online English classes, are designed to help you improve your level, interact, and collaborate with international students, and receive assessment, guidance and feedback from your English teacher. Improving your English will give you more opportunities in life. Here’s a review from Jose, from Spain, who wisely decided to learn English online when he was unable to learn in school.

Jose, EC Virtual Student

I chose EC Virtual because I wanted to take advantage of the lack of face-to-face English classes in my country due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, rather than be in a rut doing nothing, I thought it would be an excellent moment to hone my English skills alongside students of all nationalities.

I really learned a lot, particularly I developed my fluency in the language by speaking in public and losing the fear to make mistakes, as well I learned new vocabulary and expressions.

The thing I liked most about the lessons was that I found the topics really interesting, pretty up-to-date. In other classes, you have to study arduous and dull topics, but it was not the case with this National Geographic book. Definitely I enjoyed studying this book, not only by its content but also because the teacher did it quite enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend EC Virtual to everybody, it´s a good opportunity to learn a language and put it in practice with really professional native teachers. I only have good words to the two teachers I had on my four-week course.

The other students were from Ukraine, Belarus, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Saudi Arabia.

From my stay, the stand out thing was the riveting vibe of the course.

My advice for future EC students: don´t be afraid of putting your feet in while speaking in other languages and keep on practicising if you want you to get to master it.

José, from Spain

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