4 Reasons to learn English in Malta this winter

If you are hoping to escape the harsh temperatures of the winter, look no farther than Malta! Check out the top reasons to visit Malta this winter. 1| The Weather 🌊 Gozo waves 🌊 #gozo #fungusrock #dwejra #malta #lovemalta #lovinmalta #gozoimages #mediterranean #october #iphone7s @sestra.sigalova @lo … Read more

5 Novels to Improve your English skills

Whether you’re a big bookworm or just a casual reader, you’ll already know that reading is a super important part of improving your English skills. It might seem a little intimidating to read a whole book in a new language, but don’t worry! Your awesome teachers at EC English language centres will b … Read more

What kind of learner are you?

It is believed that people learn in four ways: by hearing (auditory), by doing (kinesthetic), by seeing (visual), or any combination of the others. Usually, people learn in a combination of these ways but have one way they find easiest. Once you know your preferred learning style, you can maximise y … Read more

Homophones Quiz

What are homophones? A homophone is a word which sounds the same as another word, but has a different meaning and/or spelling. Do you know the difference between some of the most common homophones in English? Test your skills by choosing the correct homophone in the examples below! If these are chal … Read more

5 Tips for Making Friends Abroad

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5 Reasons why you’ll love your EC teacher

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7 Ways to Practise English at Home

At EC, we believe the best way to learn English is by immersing yourself in the language while studying abroad, but we also know that this can be expensive and time consuming. Are you looking to improve your English at home without having to leave your couch? Try our tips but don’t forget abou … Read more

What US city should you learn English in?

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Spot the Mistake: Astrology Lesson Part 2

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Reading Comprehension: Astrology Lesson Part 1

Try reading the story below and then answer a few questions to test your understanding of the text in this free English lesson. Don’t miss part two, where you will find out what your astrological sign means about you. Astrology A commonly confused word, ‘astrology’ refers to the study of stars … Read more