Creepy English Idioms Hallowe'en

10 Creepy English Idioms to Use This Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en!! Welcome to the world when it’s closest to the other side. A night when shadows seem to suddenly take on the form of something else. When you’re not sure if you just heard a knock on the wall or… are you? When you find yourself glancing over your shoulder as you walk down a d … Read more

9 New English Words to Discuss Climate Change Like a Native

Today’s theme is the environment. The environment is a popular and important topic of discussion these days as we daily hear of the impact we have on the world around us. We’ll be looking at how to use relevant words on the topic in order to improve your vocabulary. It will also equip you for partic … Read more

Giving Back: EC’s Actions to be a Greener Organisation

Every day we become more aware of the how the climate is changing around us. We see it on the news and on our social media. We see it on posters in our local café with messages of sustainability. It’s something we all have a responsibility to do something about. This earth is ours and so, it is ours … Read more

What is it like to learn English in Melbourne?

We recently introduced you to our five new schools in Australia and New Zealand on our blog post(link). So now it’s time to look at each one in more depth. You’ll get a taste for the personality behind each school and see what makes them the ideal English learning destination for you! This week, we’ … Read more

EC Has Come to Australia and New Zealand!

EC’s reach continues to grow, with the addition of five exciting new locations for English students. Four of these schools are in Australia, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast, and one in Auckland, New Zealand. This brings the total number of schools in the EC network to twenty-nine, loca … Read more

Cambridge and IELTS Exams at EC Malta

Whether you take a Cambridge or IELTS exam for a professional, personal or advanced study reasons, there’s no doubt that it’s a great way to raise your standard of English. You will feel an enormous sense of achievement on completion because you know the level of hard work and dedication that you pu … Read more