Reading Comprehension: Astrology Lesson Part 1

Try reading the story below and then answer a few questions to test your understanding of the text in this free English lesson. Don’t miss part two, where you will find out what your astrological sign means about you. Astrology A commonly confused word, ‘astrology’ refers to the study of stars, planets, moons and their … Read more

EC’s Statement on the Closure of EC Miami Due to Hurricane Irma

13 September 2017 – We are pleased to announce that EC Miami is scheduled to reopen on Thursday, September 14th, subject to final confirmation. The EC Miami building and student accommodation have not been damaged by the storm, and we have confirmed that it is safe for our staff and students to return. Although it … Read more

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8 More Weird English Expressions you should know!

A few weeks ago we took a look at some expressions in English that sound pretty strange when you’re learning a new language. Today, we’re going to challenge ourselves to learn a few more wonderfully strange ways we phrase things in English! 1 | Up in the air What’s up in the air? If something … Read more

9 Amazing #ecexperience photos from around the world

From the rugged coastline of Cape Town to the iconic skyline of New York City, our schools are located in some of the most exciting destinations around the world! We make sure our students learn both inside and outside the classroom, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime while practising your English. We’ve got something for … Read more

7 Myths About Canada (and the truth behind each one)

Are you thinking of studying English in Canada? From Vancouver to Montreal and Toronto, we have schools in Canada’s best cities, so take your pick! But before you leave, check out these interesting myths and facts about this amazing country. 1. Isn’t Canada cold? The northern parts of Canada stay frozen most of the year, … Read more

Learning English Pronunciation: What are long and short vowels?

Pronunciation is an important part of learning a new language – it’s especially important when it comes to your speaking and listening skills! When you learn English abroad with EC, you’ll definitely hear about ‘vowel sounds’ from your awesome teachers, but let’s take a quick look at long and short vowels right here. What’s a … Read more

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Follow Paola Antonini’s California Dream with EC!

The inspirational Brazilian model, Paola Antonini, had so much fun studying English in Malta with EC Malta last summer that she had to come back for more! This inspirational woman spent 2 weeks on the beautiful Mediterranean island enjoying the golden sunshine and beautiful landscapes while learning the English skills she needs for her future … Read more

Top 5 Events in the EC World

Whether you’re already studying English in one of our fabulous destinations, or are just curious to know what’s going on around the EC world, check out the exciting events happening this month! London: Notting Hill Carnival August brings about the annual Notting Hill Carnival, a free street festival first started in 1966 in west London. … Read more

6 Things you learn when studying English abroad

When you learn English abroad with EC, you’ll learn a lot more than a language. Just ask any one of the thousands of amazing people we welcome to our schools each year – the #ecexperience is about going on an adventure, exploring a brand new city, and making it your own while you practise the … Read more

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What is IELTS?

Every year, thousands of students join us at EC to improve their English and study for exams like IELTS – the International English Testing System. But what is the IELTS exam all about? Let’s find out! IELTS is one of the most widely-accepted proficiency tests in the world, with two types of exams available depending … Read more