Blogger Andrea Gernone Visits EC Cape Town

☀️How many things can you see in two days? 🎉🐘 Can’t wait to write about all this. An experience that I will hardly forget. The Safari, the falò 🔥 at the backpackers paradise, the amarula, the ostriches and the Route 62 🌍🌵 Grateful for and every moment! 🇿🇦 Discorsi sulla strada e vita piena #SunTrave … Read more

What US city should you learn English in?

  Are you interested in learning English in the United States but with so many choices, don’t know where to start? Don’t stress, let us find the best city for you. From the beaches of San Diego, to the hustle and bustle of New York City, our English schools are located in 7 of the b … Read more

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13 Reasons why you should learn English in New York

If you’re thinking about learning English in New York, then you probably already know a little bit about the Big Apple – but if you’d like to know a few more reasons why you should make New York your EC destination, then keep reading! 1 | It’s the city that never sleeps Of course, New Yorkers do sle … Read more

Best English school in Malta?

Looking around on YouTube recently, we came across this cool video Charlotte (@chacharmante) made about her time learning English in Malta. Excited to hear more about her EC experience, we got in touch. Check out her video and read our short interview with Charlotte. Why did you choose Malta?My two … Read more

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7 Unmissable Things to do in Cape Town

When it comes to learning English abroad, it’s tough to find a place as magical as Cape Town, South Africa! Our English school in Cape Town is located right in the heart of the Mother City, just a couple of streets away from famous, bustling Long Street, set against the background of majestic Table … Read more