EC Virtual Voted Best Online English Course

We are delighted to announce that Ryugaku Journal has chosen EC Virtual as their no.1 school in the Japan Best School Awards Special Edition after students rated our online English programme and gave scores based upon lesson quality, speaking opportunities in class, lesson length and level. Founded in 2003 and based in Tokyo, Ryugaku Journal is a counseling and placement organisation concerning all aspects of overseas education to Japanese people who wish to study abroad. The Japan Best School Awards, published once a year by the Ryugaku Journal (‘Journal of Study Abroad’), are a ranking of 500 international students who rigorously evaluate the quality of their language schools. In normal times the awards are given to face-to-face study abroad schools; however, due to the impact of covid on the study abroad industry, this year Ryugaku Journal implemented a special edition focusing on online study abroad programmes. Speaking about the award, Group Academic Director, Gillian Davidson, stated,””We chose to create a new program that utilizes the latest educational technologies and teaching methods. We are really happy and proud of the recognition EC Virtual is receiving and the satisfaction of students participating in our online language programmes.” We are therefore very proud and honoured to be recognised, not for the first time, by Ryugaku Journal and we promise to continue working hard to offer our students the highest level of quality, they and agents have come to expect from EC. Receiving this award is a strong testament to the hard work and dedication of our partners and teams across the globe. EC Virtual brings the feeling of an international classroom into your home with our online language classes. Students learn and collaborate virtually with qualified, experienced teachers and students from around the world using course eBooks powered by National Geographic Learning. We have … Read more

Learning English online or in a classroom: why working with other students helps you improve

One of the most common comments from our students is that they want to talk more to the teacher, they do not seem to value time spent talking to other students in the same way – ‘how can I learn by talking to someone the same level as me?’ This is one of the perceptions that leads students to believe that small classes or one to one classes are the best options for their learning. However, whether you are learning English online or in a classroom working with other students is a really important aspect for developing your language skills – here are three reasons why: 1 – Learning a language is not like learning maths or history, knowledge (linguistic competence) is not enough. To be able to use a language you also need communicative competence, and this only comes with practice; practice in lots of different contexts with lots of different conversation partners – after all, you will not be speaking to only one person for the rest of your life. 2 – Language teachers are used to listening and interacting with students from all over the world. We are so used to interpreting what our students are saying that we often do it without thinking – when my student from West Java told me he was ‘going to piss in a fool’ – I knew without thinking he was going fishing – at the pool. Other students do not have the same experience and understanding of different accents and syntax. This means you have to work harder to understand and be understood – helping you to hone your communication skills. 3 – Unless you are planning to move to an English speaking country, the vast majority of conversations you will have In the real world will be with … Read more