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Hit play to watch a few words from some of our EC Virtual students and hear what they have to say about their experience learning English online. With EC Virtual you can bring our classroom inside your home, and learn English online live with our experienced teachers and classmates from all over the world. Visit our website below to find out more about our online courses, to take a FREE trial lesson or to contact us (ask as many questions as you like)!

EC Student Experiences

Every week EC English Language Centres welcome new students from all over the world while saying ‘farewell’ to others. We just love hearing about your positive experiences; it’s great to know that we have achieved our main goal: to help students to succeed and reach their goals.   “I came to EC San Francisco to improve my speaking because a lot of friends studied here before and they suggested the school to me. What I liked most about EC was the variety of activities here. Also, having the chance to be a student ambassador gave me a lot of experiences of dealing with different nationalities and knowing a lot about their countries; even having them as friends. My favourite memory was having the opportunity to swim in the Pacific Ocean, hanging out with friends, discovering the city, trying different dishes, and knowing about different cultures because SF is known as a multicultural city. The staff at EC SF is awesome and they are ready for any kind of help! So my advice to you is that you have to take all of advantages of being here. For example, try to communicate with the people because they are friendly, make friends and of course study hard to establish your plans.” Alhanut Hamid, from Saudi Arabia – studied at EC San Francisco     “I really enjoyed this experience, it was amazing to meet people and make friends from other countries. I had a great time with my teachers, they’re really open-minded so I could ask them all the questions I had. In my opinion, the education system and style is very good. In addition, facilities are very organized and clean. Even though I stayed here only for 10 days, and before I came here I had never spoken English, now I feel I can talk … Read more