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My EC Story: Abdullah Rawas

  “My life has changed because of EC New York. Now I’m a pilot – and if I hadn’t come to EC, I wouldn’t be a pilot.” Abdullah is one of a young member of the EC family – a student who studied at EC New York from December 2014 until May 2015. An energetic learner, he began his studies at the Pre-Intermediate level, and successfully completed his studies in the Upper Intermediate class. Shortly after leaving EC, he travelled to Fort Worth, Texas, to study aviation and one day become a pilot. After completing a challenging 300 hours of flight school, Abdullah was delighted to tell us that he is now going to begin his career as a pilot with Saudi Airlines! He’s very excited to work as a pilot on Saudi Airlines’ international flights to New York, and plans to visit EC New York as often as he can. During his time at EC New York, Abdullah was very active in student life. He was a student ambassador who led the popular Brooklyn Bridge walk, movie nights, and soccer games – he even presented a brilliant Academic Year lecture on Soccer to all our students! Abdullah was also very involved in helping EC New York give back to the local community. He raised awareness for “A World at School”, which supports the right to education for all children around the world. He also helped collect and deliver books collected at our March Book Drive to Reading Reflections, a literacy program dedicated to providing resources to those who do not have easy access to books. With the support of teachers, staff, students, and others in our building, we collected close to 300 books in total.   Good luck Abdullah!     Would you like more information about studying English … Read more

Learn English in Oxford

My EC Story | Kijin

Today we’re going to hear from Kijin, a former student ambassador and current member of the EC family who was kind enough to share her story with us all. Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable!    Being the admissions executive of EC after studying at EC schools has been an amazing opportunity with many challenges along the way. Supporting students by communicating with agents and the staffs in each schools, their overall satisfaction improvements has been very rewarding. Before joining the team, I had studied at EC Malta for 3 months, and 6 months at EC Oxford. Malta, it is a small island though, as there are many events throughout a whole year, I could get along with not only local people but also the people come from all parts of the world.   After Malta, I had been studying at EC Oxford, doing student ambassador tasks for eight months from the first week in Oxford. Mainly I had done a presentation for newcomers and gave a tour around the city. With the staff, we organised some events such as an International Food Festival, a Pink Ribbon Charity Marathon Volunteer and so on. At the beginning since I am introvert and had poor English skills, it was not easy to communicate with people in English though, in the end I found out myself enjoying my days at EC schools. The opportunity to apply for this position was given to me in the last months of EC Oxford by Charlie Tweddle, the centre director of the school. As I was deeply into EC and thought it would be great experience, improving my English skills at the same time, there is no reason to hesitate to send my resume. Part of the gratifying experience of working for EC is interacting with warm … Read more

Success Story: Taha from Libya

“Hi everyone! I have been at EC Cambridge for almost one year and I can’t believe that it’s now my time to leave this place where I have experienced a lot of wonderful and unforgettable moments. I studied Cambridge IELTS in order to pass the IELTS exam. I came here with very little knowledge of English. Therefore I started with one of the first levels, Elementary. With the motivated and patient teachers, who have a lot of experience, I improved my English skills considerably. I was very happy with my progress and proud of myself that I achieved at least the Pre-Advanced level! I definitely recommend EC Cambridge because no matter which level you are in, the teachers are always focused on developing your skills, and the exam preparation courses for FCE/IELTS/CAE are highly successful. The school is very well organized by efficient staff. I will never forget the friendly and helpful staff. They are there for you all the time and if you have any problems, you can always go to the 3rd floor and speak to them. They try to make you as happy as possible and I always felt comfortable. You have a variety of activities in Cambridge for your free time. You can join EC activities such as bowling, visiting colleges, punting and meeting other EC students. There are plenty of places where you can chat with your friends: cafes, pubs, restaurants and beautiful huge parks like Parker’s Piece and Jesus Green. You have many opportunities to do sport – activities like football and tennis, and visit gyms as well, but you will never get bored with your new friends. I also improved my English very well with a lot of friends from different countries. I had the experience of living in a host family and in different … Read more

Success Story: Monique Aya from Brazil

This success story was originally posted on the EC Vancouver blog. We wanted to share the inspiring words of former student Monique Aya from Brazil, who shared her experience of EC Vancouver while attending the Higher Score® IELTS course! Hi there! My name is Monique, I’m from Brazil and I’m going to share with you my experience in Vancouver. I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city, surrounded by nature, friends and exciting things. There’s nothing better than starting a new journey, meeting new people, learning something new, sharing things, cultures and knowing a little bit more about yourself. And I can assure you that you’ll have all of this, more than just improving your English. [hs_action id=”930″] I took two weeks of General English and six weeks of IELTS class. During those 8 weeks I was able to improve my English, practice my speaking and learn something new every day. I’m so thankful for all of my teachers at EC (Melanie, Conrad and Rosy). They had so much passion for teaching and sharing things that I could improve a lot with simple things, especially with my mistakes. I made friends from many countries and met people from almost every continent. Luckily, not only did I meet foreigner, but also people from different parts of my own country. I’ve learned a lot with all of them and I had an awesome time. My favorite part of living in Vancouver is the nature and this multicultural environment. Since I lived in a neighborhood area far from Downtown I was able to see different aspects of this city. You have a lot of things to do and places to see, from day to night. When I left my country I was sure that I would learn English. However at the end … Read more

Satoko: A Student’s Success

This week we talked to Satoko, a student and attorney whose dreams came true after learning English at EC Boston. She’s already returned to her school to give an inspirational speech to current students, and we thought it would be great for you all to know what she had to say about her EC experience. A little bit about Satoko’s life before Boston… I used to work as a public defender for eight years in Japan, and I came to Boston to study “the access to justice”. This is about reaching out to people who have difficulty accessing appropriate legal support due to poverty, disabilities, lack of education, and so on. Her major aspirations… I had two dreams: one was becoming a lawyer and the other was studying abroad. Fortunately, I passed the ‘bar’ exam when I was an undergraduate student and soon started my career as an attorney. I became one of the first public defenders in Japan.Through my job, I realized there were many people who are pushed to crime by poverty, which is tragic. The geographical distance from an attorney also prevented people from gaining legal support, and thus many people suffered. I decided to set my goal to study ‘access to justice’ and saved up money. Two years ago, I achieved this, and I came to Boston! Her decision to study at EC… I was so busy that I didn’t prepare enough to apply to universities from Japan. I thought that I should leave Japan anyway and find a way later, and began to look for an English school that could give me I-20. At EC, there were less Japanese students and that seemed a good environment for me to learn English. First I only chose Boston as a place to study because it is close … Read more