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Hit play to watch a few words from some of our EC Virtual students and hear what they have to say about their experience learning English online. With EC Virtual you can bring our classroom inside your home, and learn English online live with our experienced teachers and classmates from all over the world. Visit our website below to find out more about our online courses, to take a FREE trial lesson or to contact us (ask as many questions as you like)!

EC’s Online English Course – Student Review

Nina shares her experiences improving her English online with EC Virtual. My name is Nina; I am from Germany and I have planned to do this language trip since a very long time. I have done another language trip to Scotland once and it was a great experience. Therefore, I decided to do a further trip to refresh my English, especially my English for work skills, as I need them in my Recruiting – Job. I wanted to combine this with a trip out of Europe, new travel experience and a personal break from my everyday life. I also love nature and for all these reasons, EC in Toronto was an easy choice. When I arrived the COVID-19 pandemic had already arrived in Europe, but it seemed to be better in Canada and so there was no moment where I thought about cancelling it. However, the events came thick and fast with very similar actions in comparison to Germany. But before I could really get nervous about the consequences for me in person, I got the information from EC via social media that classes were supposed to be online. And here I am, enjoying the online English classes for two weeks now and feel really grateful for this. The teachers are awesome, classes are well prepared, the usage of Teams is easy going and even though I was not that bad in English before, I really see the progress. I like the mixture of grammar and practices to sound more fluent, the group discussions as well as the combination with the specific English for work part. There are so many topics and new ideas coming up, you would never talk about with your friends and of course, the mixture of the different nationalities does the rest. Even though I haven’t … Read more

C Oxford Teacher Spotlight: Agnieszka Gurbin

EC Oxford Teacher Spotlight: Agnieszka Gurbin

Choose to improve your English at EC Oxford and you could learn from Agnieszka, one of friendly teachers. Background information: I am originally from Poland, moving here around 4 years ago. I am a DELTA-qualified teacher, coach and lecturer. I hold a PhD in Polish humanities, an MA in English language and literature, a BA in linguistics and a Qualified Teacher Status accreditation. I also have coaching qualifications, which I obtained by finishing Postgraduate International Coaching Studies. I enjoy skiing, jazz music and I am quite the filmaholic. Years spent teaching: 11 years What made you decide to become a teacher? I originally saw a disparity in Poland between communities that had access to a higher level of education, and communities that struggled moving up on the social mobility ladder. I felt it was necessary to become involved to help level the dynamic. What’s the thing you love most about teaching English at EC? Apart from a great and friendly atmosphere at EC Oxford, there is this fantastic international mixture of students and staff, that makes you feel very welcome, this inspires me. There is also a strong support network and you are given the tools to become a better teacher. What makes teaching at EC so special? First of all, it is the people. There are fantastic and inspiring colleagues around me to draw positive energy from, there is friendly and supportive management, and the students are so enthusiastic about learning. Secondly, there is excellent state of the art technology to utilize. The school is beautiful and modern, and a pleasure to work in. Thirdly, there is plenty of opportunities for creativity, personal development and fun. For instance, In February 2017 I took part in a voluntary mission to Cambodia, which was one of the most rewarding experiences I … Read more

EC New York Teacher Spotlight: Tatiana Arango

Background information: I’m a New Jerseyan with a Colombian heart; left the US to live in Colombia, where my parents are from, and didn’t return until years later. I graduated as a Speech and Language Pathologist and I’ve worked as both an SLP and ESL teacher at different universities, language centers and even high school, in Colombia and in the US Years spent teaching: 17 What made you decide to become a teacher? I think my classmates decided that I would make a good teacher since I was a teen, when study groups would often be arranged at my house; they always said I had a knack for helping people understand. The idea stuck with me and led me to choose Speech and Language Pathology, since rehabilitation is in many ways teaching. As it turns out I was good at it and really enjoyed it. I got into teaching English after becoming Teacher’s Assistant in my English class at my university. What’s the thing you love most about teaching English at EC? I love my team, the teachers and staff at EC New York are an amazing group of people I look forward to seeing and working with every day. What makes teaching at EC so special? The people! I’ve met wonderful people in both my team and the students; I enjoy learning about them and from them as much as I love teaching. What’s one thing you’ve learned from a student that really stands out? Resilience. I admire the fact that our students are leaving the comfort of their homes and countries to pursue a great variety of dreams that involve or require their learning English; many face challenges greater than being away from home, which is in itself hard enough, but push through to make their dreams come … Read more

EC Vancouver Teacher Spotlight: Scott Mallory

Background information: I’m a video, digital media and sound artist born in Washington DC, USA. I also teach at Emily Carr University of Art + Design where I founded TEDxECUAD. Years spent teaching: 7 What made you decide to become a teacher? While studying Spanish in Spain, my teachers and the cultural experience had a life changing impact on me. That made me want to teach language and create similar opportunities for students too. What’s the thing you love most about teaching English at EC? Even though I’m a teacher, the thing I love most is learning from the students every day. They come from every place and profession on earth, and something totally unexpected is around every corner. It enriches and evolves me as a human being, teaches me more about teaching and how people learn, and continually expands my vision. What makes teaching at EC so special? When everyone comes together forming connections across hundreds of backgrounds, all towards a common goal, something special happens more than at any other place. This keeps EC Vancouver buzzing, and a warm, welcoming and exciting place. We also have great leadership and well-organized resources, which makes EC a great environment for this to happen in terms of each teacher’s role in the community among students and staff. And we’re not simply ‘teaching English.’ We’re helping students discover tools for them to create movement and meaning in the world in whichever way suits them as individuals, while in the meantime making world connections, bridging cultural gaps, and strengthening bonds. This is quite something to be a part of, and it can only happen in a place like EC. What’s one thing you’ve learned from a student that really stands out? An introduction to the amazing world of creative Korean films. Because of … Read more

EC San Diego Teacher Spotlight: Autumn Garrett

Background information: I’m originally from Oklahoma and I have been in California 5 years. I taught in S. Korea for 2 years. Years spent teaching: 10 years What made you decide to become a teacher? -I was friends with international students when I was in college and I would always help them with their English. I developed a love for it and decided to continue my education by getting a Master’s degree in teaching English to non-native English students. What’s the thing you love most about teaching English at EC? -Every day is different at EC San Diego.The students are so special and unique and come from so many different backgrounds. I can learn from them as much as they learn from me. What makes teaching at EC so special? -When students from so many different backgrounds are in the same classroom and they start to forget about stereotypes and generalizations and see each other as fellow humans, that’s what makes it so special. Being a witness to students overcoming differences and becoming friends is amazing. What’s one thing you’ve learned from a student that really stands out? -I learn generosity from them. We once had a Korean student who was studying to be a chef. He always cooked and shared his food with fellow students, staff, and teachers. -I learn bravery from all of them. They come to the U.S. with an open mind and not knowing anyone and they get rewarded for it by having the time of their lives. They surprise me every day with their willingness to put aside their fears and challenge themselves to improve their English. What is your favourite story about a student/teaching? -I’m originally from the middle of the U.S., nowhere near a beach. The first summer I taught in San Diego … Read more

Learn English for Exam Preparation

Academic Mentors: What do they do?

Learning English abroad is sure to be an enriching experience no matter where you choose to study. If you’re looking to develop your language skills and challenge yourself academically, then an Academic Year course could be the best fit for you. The AY course is ideal for those students who would like to develop their skills for Exam Preparation classes in an English-speaking country on a long-term basis. Students who successfully complete the course receive recognized certification (according to their performance) and even have the opportunity to sit for an internationally recognized exam upon completing the course. What makes the AY course particularly special is the unique benefit of having a mentor available specifically to guide students on a one-to-one basis for the duration of their studies. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what AY mentor Lucas from EC Boston has to say about his role the programme:   “As an AY mentor, it is my job to help students keep track of their academic progress and set ambitious but achievable goals. I meet with students regularly to see if they are on track and to help them find resources for practicing specific skills. Being an AY mentor involves more than academic support, however. Living in a foreign country is a life changing experience where you not only study English in an immersive environment, but learn about a new culture, try new foods, and make friends that will last a lifetime. To help students adjust to living abroad, I provide counsel on topics ranging from questions about homestay families and American culture to ways of making new friends or coping with frustrating situations. Having lived abroad myself, I understand how important it is to have a friend and mentor who is a native and can help students transition successfully … Read more

Success Story: Monique Aya from Brazil

This success story was originally posted on the EC Vancouver blog. We wanted to share the inspiring words of former student Monique Aya from Brazil, who shared her experience of EC Vancouver while attending the Higher Score® IELTS course! Hi there! My name is Monique, I’m from Brazil and I’m going to share with you my experience in Vancouver. I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city, surrounded by nature, friends and exciting things. There’s nothing better than starting a new journey, meeting new people, learning something new, sharing things, cultures and knowing a little bit more about yourself. And I can assure you that you’ll have all of this, more than just improving your English. [hs_action id=”930″] I took two weeks of General English and six weeks of IELTS class. During those 8 weeks I was able to improve my English, practice my speaking and learn something new every day. I’m so thankful for all of my teachers at EC (Melanie, Conrad and Rosy). They had so much passion for teaching and sharing things that I could improve a lot with simple things, especially with my mistakes. I made friends from many countries and met people from almost every continent. Luckily, not only did I meet foreigner, but also people from different parts of my own country. I’ve learned a lot with all of them and I had an awesome time. My favorite part of living in Vancouver is the nature and this multicultural environment. Since I lived in a neighborhood area far from Downtown I was able to see different aspects of this city. You have a lot of things to do and places to see, from day to night. When I left my country I was sure that I would learn English. However at the end … Read more

Satoko: A Student’s Success

This week we talked to Satoko, a student and attorney whose dreams came true after learning English at EC Boston. She’s already returned to her school to give an inspirational speech to current students, and we thought it would be great for you all to know what she had to say about her EC experience. A little bit about Satoko’s life before Boston… I used to work as a public defender for eight years in Japan, and I came to Boston to study “the access to justice”. This is about reaching out to people who have difficulty accessing appropriate legal support due to poverty, disabilities, lack of education, and so on. Her major aspirations… I had two dreams: one was becoming a lawyer and the other was studying abroad. Fortunately, I passed the ‘bar’ exam when I was an undergraduate student and soon started my career as an attorney. I became one of the first public defenders in Japan.Through my job, I realized there were many people who are pushed to crime by poverty, which is tragic. The geographical distance from an attorney also prevented people from gaining legal support, and thus many people suffered. I decided to set my goal to study ‘access to justice’ and saved up money. Two years ago, I achieved this, and I came to Boston! Her decision to study at EC… I was so busy that I didn’t prepare enough to apply to universities from Japan. I thought that I should leave Japan anyway and find a way later, and began to look for an English school that could give me I-20. At EC, there were less Japanese students and that seemed a good environment for me to learn English. First I only chose Boston as a place to study because it is close … Read more