Toronto Student Survival Guide

You might have already looked at English courses in Toronto, but do you know all the essential information you’ll need before your adventure begins? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on. [hs_action id=”4641″] Getting to Toronto Toronto is served by 2 major … Read more

To do in Toronto

Top 10 things to do in Toronto

Some of the most unusual, but highly recommended activities to do while learning English in Toronto. They may seem unusual, but that’s what makes Toronto such an extraordinary city. 1. Dance with dinosaurs This sounds a little crazy, but believe it or not, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) makes it pos … Read more

Toronto festival

The Local Toronto

Visiting all the hot spots will give you a taste of the city’s history, but if you want to live like a local while studying in Toronto, here are some of the things that locals do! Eat and drink on patios When the sun is shining bright, locals love to hang out on patios, drinking beer and eating tast … Read more

learn English in Toronto

What to See and Do in Toronto: Part 2

After checking out  ‘What to See and Do in Toronto: Part 1‘, here are a few more things to explore while learning English in Toronto! Make sure you have your to-do list ready, so you don’t miss out any of these amazing attractions.   RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM OF CANADA Located next to … Read more


10 Ways to Practise Your English in Toronto

You’ll learn a lot about the English language in class, but what’s the best way to put your newly-acquired skills to use outside the classroom? The busy streets of Toronto offer many fantastic opportunities to practise your English language skills. Let’s take a look at 10 ways to challenge your know … Read more