Tongue Twisters

During the past two weeks we have been looking at new ways to improve our English skills by enriching Vocabulary. Today we’re going to have some fun by with popular Tongue-Twisters. Not sure what ‘tongue twisters’ are? Keep reading to find out! What is a ‘tongue twister&#8217 … Read more

6 Words to Replace ‘Nice’

Of the one-million or so words populating the English language, it’s difficult to find a word as underwhelming and over-used as the adjective ‘nice’. There’s nothing really wrong with this little group of letters, but if you’re trying to raise your language level or impress your teacher, it’s best t … Read more

Vocab Review | Homophones

Last week, we learned about a group of words called Homonyms. It’s time to move on and learn about another important group – Homophones. Not sure what they are? Let´s find out now! [hs_action id=”2330″] What is a homophone? A homophone is a word which sounds the same as anoth … Read more

Vocab Review | Homonyms Pt. 2

Last week we learned about a special group of words called “Homonyms” and looked at a few examples. Today we’re going to continue learning about homonyms to help you long in your journey to improving your vocabulary. Horn A ‘horn’ (noun) is a ‘hard, pointed, and often curved part t … Read more