6 Things you learn when studying English abroad

When you learn English abroad with EC, you’ll learn a lot more than a language. Just ask any one of the thousands of amazing people we welcome to our schools each year – the #ecexperience is about going on an adventure, exploring a brand new city, and making it your own while you practise the … Read more

what is ielts

What is IELTS?

Every year, thousands of students join us at EC to improve their English and study for exams like IELTS – the International English Testing System. But what is the IELTS exam all about? Let’s find out! IELTS is one of the most widely-accepted proficiency tests in the world, with two types of exams available depending … Read more

3 Apps to Test Your Vocabulary

Next time you’re looking to play games on your phone, why not try something more educational? Whether you’ve already studied English abroad with EC schools in one of our many destinations or are just getting started, check out these games that will help you improve your vocabulary and spelling while also having fun. And if you … Read more

5 Words Born in the 21st Century

Each year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds new popular words to its official list. This allows words we invent to become recognised as ‘real’ words. Stay up to date with the latest words being added each year, but if you’re looking for basics, why not try one of our English courses to get you started? EC … Read more

Toronto Student Survival Guide

You might have already looked at English courses in Toronto, but do you know all the essential information you’ll need before your adventure begins? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on. Getting to Toronto Toronto is served by 2 major airports: Toronto Pearson International Airport: Pearson is one of the busiest airports in … Read more

Best English school in Malta?

Looking around on YouTube recently, we came across this cool video Charlotte (@chacharmante) made about her time learning English in Malta. Excited to hear more about her EC experience, we got in touch. Check out her video and read our short interview with Charlotte. Why did you choose Malta?My two best friends and I chose to … Read more