Volunteering in Cape Town

This is your chance to volunteer with animals or children on your study-abroad trip to South Africa. EC Cape Town English school is proud to announce the launch of exciting new volunteer programmes. Work with animals Do you want to work with animals? Wildlife volunteers can choose to work on an elep … Read more

What is it like to learn English in Melbourne?

We recently introduced you to our five new schools in Australia and New Zealand on our blog post(link). So now it’s time to look at each one in more depth. You’ll get a taste for the personality behind each school and see what makes them the ideal English learning destination for you! This week, we’ … Read more

EC Has Come to Australia and New Zealand!

EC’s reach continues to grow, with the addition of five exciting new locations for English students. Four of these schools are in Australia, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast, and one in Auckland, New Zealand. This brings the total number of schools in the EC network to twenty-nine, loca … Read more

Cambridge and IELTS Exams at EC Malta

Whether you take a Cambridge or IELTS exam for a professional, personal or advanced study reasons, there’s no doubt that it’s a great way to raise your standard of English. You will feel an enormous sense of achievement on completion because you know the level of hard work and dedication that you pu … Read more

EC Malta’s 3 Cities by Night Tour

The activities and leisure programme are a much-loved part of all EC schools’ timetables. Specially tailored to suit each destination, each one is unique and great in its own way. These activities tend to change weekly or fortnightly, or depending on what’s popular at the time of year. In EC Malta, … Read more

How to Improve Your English While Watching Movies

Outside the classroom, there are so many ways to continue learning English. Most of them are fun activities that you already do! Recently, we explored reading English books, plays and stories to improve your language. Now, let’s take it a little further and look at the benefits of watching movies in … Read more

Get Caught Practising English During This Month of Reading

You may have noticed that every year, there seems to be more and more strange and unusual celebratory days, weeks and months. Some are wonderfully obscure, such as Love Your Red Hair Day on November 5th. Others are not only fun, but also actually quite useful. Case in point being exactly what this b … Read more

5 Things to Remember When You Hit The Study Wall

Have you ever noticed how some days you take out your books to study English and you devour them? You find yourself not looking at the clock even once. Perhaps not even thinking about the clock at all. Instead you are breezing through chapters and you’re nailing it. But then there are the days when … Read more