Four Great Reasons to Learn English

A Student’s Guide to Learning English Abroad: Part One Teaching English is our passion, and at our English schools we love to welcome aspiring students from all over the world. They may study for pleasure, to improve their career, or just to make new friends, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to learn the world’s number one language. They also face a number of huge decisions, and choosing why, how and where you want to improve your English can be a confusing experience. This is why we’ve created this Ultimate Guide to Learning English Abroad: To take you through the tough decision-making process explaining all you need to know about language learning. [hs_action id=”930″] Since you may still not be convinced, here are four reasons to learn English. With over 470 million speakers across the globe, learning English will probably be one of the best decisions you ever make! 1. English makes the world go round Even if you have never even stepped foot in an English language classroom, it is very likely that you can already recite lines in English from your favourite film or belt out the chorus of a catchy song you love. The global presence of the English language is just overwhelming! After a long and bloody history, English is now the primary language of the Internet, books, newspapers, international business, science, diplomacy, sport, pop music, and advertising. In fact, Globalisation has delivered the language of popular culture to all corners of the globe. 2. It Opens a World of Opportunities Whether you aspire to work in an international workplace, need to get accepted into a top tier university, or just wish to travel the world – the knowledge of English is truly transformational. It multiplies an individual’s potential to succeed and creates countless … Read more