What about… our FREE Academic Extras?

Hello lovely people, Just like our fluffy visitor, the cat… we really do hope you’re happily settled in at our school and enjoying your time touring this amazing place called London! Have you been participating in any of our FREE weekly language workshops? For those of you who are not sure what’s on offer, check this out: Pronunciation Clinic – Will help you learn to produce the sounds of native English and practise them in isolation, in context and in everyday situations. These sessions address issues and problems you may face while you are learning to speak fluently. Lectures – Delivered by special guest speakers and our own teachers, lectures could be about any topic at all. You will learn interesting facts and gain listening practice while developing key skills, such as note taking and summary-writing. Conversation sessions – Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy practising your conversation skills with students from different classes, levels and nationalities. In these relaxed and sociable sessions, topics could be about anything, from culture to global events. Make the most of your time at EC London Covent Garden 30+ – there’s lots to do and even more to learn!