Writing Class

Hi everyone! Last week we held a FREE Writing Class at our 30+ English Language Centre, whereby students had to write a blog for our website. Here they share their ideas of things to do at the weekend… The Italian food blog Welcome to “The Italian food blog ”. The aim is to collect the best recipes of the Italian cuisine written by top chefs. Also, we want to help you find recipes easily and fast. In fact, as you can see, the recipes were selected by grouping them by the type and preparation time. Finally, we hope to give you some good ideas for your cooking! Today we are happy to present the recipe for “tiramisu”. Type: dessert Time: 20mins The ingredients: 6 eggs, 120g sugar, 500g mascarpone, 400g of biscuits “pavesini”, cocoa powder. First, to mix the red eggs with sugar and mascarpone, then to mix the white part of the egg and finally to merge everything. In the end to wet cookies with coffee, to put the cream and to sprinkle with cocoa powder. Buon appetite! by Germana, Italian  A weekend in Paris! In last Christmas, I travel to Cote d’Azur, In France, to meet my family. The parents of my step son have a house near Nice. The neighbours lent us their house then we could be together. I arrived at Paris by plane and I took a transit to Nice. The parents of my step son took me. It was very nice stay in this place with my family. The weather was very sunny and good. The south of France is wonderful and smell good everywhere. After we has celebrate Christmas, I came back to Brazil.   by Silvia, Brazilian   

There are many horizons after 40 by Fernanda Lemos

One of our students from 2013 has written a very detailed blog about her experience in London and our 30+ English Language Centre – have a read and enjoy! I arrived in London less than a week ago but I can already feel how warm the people from school are. Some of them are more extrovert (like my teacher in the picture for example) others more reserved…but everybody is very polite and friendly.   This cosiness is very important to us students from all over the world, in a huge city like London… and in some cases (like mine) for the first time we came a bit afraid, without knowing anyone and imagining how it will be to spend such a long time away from our home, family and friends. This cosiness makes all the difference! Fortunately I was positively surprised. Today I recorded a message from our teacher inviting my Brazilian friends to join us on this very rich and entertaining experience. But my “incompetence” didn’t allow the video be here because I just don´t know how to transfer it from my camera to my Blog hahaha.  I am enjoying so much sharing all this things with you and happy to know that share the same feeling with me.. I commented in an former post that learning English is something I had not solved in my life. 5 years ago I decided to do something different about it. Making this decision the idea of the exchange turns up. So I decided to look for a travel agency, that has a specific sector of exchanges, that could guide me and show me some options. I remember that I was so impressed by the amount of Language Schools from all over the world. I was more impressed when learnt that EXCHANGE was not only … Read more

Is the sun back in London?

According to a weather forecast, in March 2004, the highest temperature recorded in the world (as an average) was in Rangoon, Southeast Asia, with 35C and the lowest was in Helsinki, Finland, with 6C. London, pretty famous for its bad weather, was 10C. However, in the second weekend of March the temperature in London was surprisingly higher than Ibiza (respectively 18 and 16 degrees Celsius)! We don’t know yet if this is because of the global warming, Beyoncé’s show a few days earlier or if it is just usual at this time of the year. Either way, you can be sure that both Londoners and visitors enjoyed those sunny days! Outdoor leisure activities have won back their appeal which was lost at some point in the last cold and wet winter! All the 6 National Parks (Bushy Park, Green Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, St. James’s Park) were full of people enjoying the sun and the heat, perhaps doing some English homework laying down on the grass, probably to the detriment of Museums (even if their entrance fees are free as usual). People, don’t put away your waterproof jackets and your umbrellas yet, as we may have some rainy days in the next few weeks! But, in the meantime, start preparing your wardrobe for summer! There is a good chance it will be hot hot hot… Jeremy, EC Covent Garden, Intern.

We will miss you Paula!

Paula was a fantastic student who sadly left us on Friday after 3 months! Her level improved so much she spent her last week in Advanced. Here’s her story… Hello Everybody! I’ve been at EC Covent Garden for 7 weeks and I’m staying for another 5 weeks. I’ve decided to “stop” my life in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to spend some days in London improving my English and, you know, I don’t regret coming! The school is located at one of the best area in Central London…the teachers are so dedicated and attentive but the best thing for me is that all students are plus 30 years old, it makes the difference because everybody has the same aim and the teachers could prepare the classes based in our best interests. Moreover, London is a fantastic city with nice and varied options of public transportation, many museums (free entrance in most), theaters, castles, parks, restaurants and….pubs! I’m really comfortable to say that EC Covent Garden 30+ and London are an excellent combination for all who want to improve your English and enjoy your time abroad…and remember, it’s never late to afford new experiences! 🙂 Paula (Brazilian) – Advanced 1MO