Camila’s Testimonial

  My first day at EC Covent Garden English School was fantastic, there were a lot of people from different countries. Seeing all these people together makes one realise that English is the world language!” It’s possible to talk with who you want. The school team was professional and respe … Read more

The Brothers’ Testimonial (they’re not really brothers)

  We chose this Covent Garden destination because London is very attractive for us. We wanted to improve our grammar vocabulary and language skills. In our estimation, we have improved our capabilities by 20%, through many conversations with other students at this school, we could expand our la … Read more

Yuko’s Testimonial

  I decided to  study English at EC Covent Garden, because they have a special class for people over 30 years of age. I met a lot of people of different nationalities and backgrounds and the atmosphere of the classes is calm and suitable for adults. The teachers and staff here are friendly and … Read more

Nayoung’s Testimonial

  I’d like to tell you about my great time at EC London 30+. I finished my 16 weeks course on 28 Mar 2014. I was afraid of learning with young students. That’s why I chose EC Covent Garden 30+. And it was the one of the best choice that I’ve ever done. There are many great teachers, kind employ … Read more