It’s very easy to speak about EC 30+

It’s very easy to speak about EC 30+ school, everything in just one word: AMAZING. Fantastic organisation, everybody always ready to help you. David, Suzie and Sue, one of the best staff I’ve ever seen. Simple, precise and human. The teachers…OMG…just incredible. I’ve never study English and now I can speak, maybe not really well, but I understand and I can make a speech. I like John, Matt, Adam, Georgia and Ben, each of them gave me something. My classmates were fantastic, I met new people from different countries, it was just amazing. Thank you sooo much for this experience because for me to share it’s really important and here I can just study and learn English but the best was to grow humanly. Love you sooo much!! Ermanno (Italian)    If you would like to find out more about English Language courses at EC Covent Garden, please click here.  

My Testimonial by Janaina

I choose this destination because I needed to learn English and I wanted to visit others countries in Europe. I stayed alone in a flat and I have studied here for two months.  I will recommend EC Covent Garden 30+ to my friends and I’m going to spend two weeks more in New York EC school. My favourite activities were with other students because I needed to talk English and I like to talk. For me, the best teachers are: Tina, John, Teresa and Matt but all teachers were very good. I loved the girls in the reception, the directors David and Suzie and I love the people in the restaurant. I never had a problem here, I’m very satisfied. Thank you! Janaina (Brazilian)  If you are interested in studying English at EC Covent Garden, please click here to find out more. 

Testimonial by Jean-Luc

  When I decided to improve my English, I wanted to discover London at the same time. EC Covent Garden 30+ offered me this opportunity, its location at Covent Garden is perfect. After learning six weeks at EC 30+, I came back one month later for four weeks more. I have really appreciated the atmosphere in the school, thanks to the very good teachers, involved staff, and students who are 30 or more. Relationship between students who come from all over the world has been really rich. We have had a great time during and after lessons. I am going to miss this period of my life. If I have the opportunity to go back to England to go on improving my English, I’ll definitely choose EC Covent Garden 30+. Jean Luc (French)   Find out more about our English Language courses at EC Covent Garden.

Last week’s grammar: Regret

Last week Georgia’s high-intermediate class studied grammar to talk about ‘regret’. Her students listened to a voicemail form her ex-boyfriend Max where he told her all the things he felt bad about doing during their relationship. Here is what he said: “Hey Georgia, It’s Max again. Look, I feel really bad about what happened and I just wanted to call you and have a chat. But, well, you’re obviously busy. Anyway, I just wish I hadn’t been so distant when we last saw each other. If only I’d listened to you a bit more, you know, all this wouldn’t have happened. I know now that you needed more support and all that but, well, I couldn’t see it at the time. I regret not being more caring I suppose. It was my fault and I should’ve realised how upset you were at the time. Anyway, I hope we can talk at some point so, um yeah, just give me a call when you get this.” Georgia got students to listen and write down all the grammatical forms he used in the voice mail to say he felt bad about something in the past. Then everyone checked them against the transcript to see if they had written them down correctly. Next the students looked at the differences in meaning and use of the structures and how to pronounce them. The teacher then showed the class some pictures of the things she regretted from the relationship with Max. They guessed what her regrets were and wrote sentences using If only I’d… I should have …I regret … I wish I’d etc. Here are the pictures they used: Each student received a role card with a different situation on it, here are some of them below: Role cards: You are a chef who … Read more

The National Three Peaks by Chris Lewis

My mouth was dry and I was panting. We got nearer and I asked Matt, “Is this it?” He nodded, apparently too knackered to reply verbally. We’d finally managed to get up the two flights of stairs to our hotel room. One final night’s sleep in the Cruachan Hotel and then Charlie, Chris, Dan, Joelle, Kat, Matt, Rich, Sarah and I would begin our challenge to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in under twenty-four hours. “Be bold, start cold” was the advice we got from Rusty, our guide. The idea was to not wear too much clothing at the bottom of the mountain, so that you don’t get too hot later on and end up having to take off more clothing further up. Having grown up in Nicosia, my tolerance for low temperatures isn’t great. So, of course, I didn’t listen. And, of course, after about half an hour of trekking I was frantically trying to remove clothing during our two-minute water break. We got lucky with Ben Nevis. It was a lovely day, a little cloudy but clear enough and not too cold. Most importantly, it was dry and bright. After about four or five hours of uphill trekking, we finally made it to the top. Once there, we couldn’t help but take our time to appreciate the views. Before long however, we had to make our way back down and on to the next peak: Scafell Pike. I’d visited Scafell Pike on family holidays before but had never climbed it. My childhood memories of the mountain are much fonder than those I have of this climb. We arrived at around 22:30 and started our ascent at 23:00. It wasn’t dry or bright. We were well equipped with head torches and waterproof suits, but my walking boots … Read more

Childhood Memories

This week one of our teachers Georgia looked at ‘used to’ with her pre-intermediate students. In English we use this grammar to talk about habits in the past which do not happen now. First the class talked about childhood. They looked at the ideas below and talked about their own experiences.   Georgia then showed her students some pictures of her own childhood and asked students to write some sentences about them: Then the teacher read a short paragraph about the pictures and the students wrote down the important words. After checking and exchanging words with their partners the students listened another two times to complete the paragraph exactly as they heard it. Next the whole class collaborate to write the paragraph on the board negotiating the language so that everyone agreed. Here is the paragraph: When I was I looked like an angel, but I used to cause lots of problems. I used to wear dresses and I had short curly hair. I didn’t use use to like wearing dresses and I would shout and scream if my mother gave me other clothes. I had a best friend called Caroline who I used to play lots of games with, we went on holiday with each other every Summer and would run around all day.All of my friends and I used to suck our thumbs because we knew it annoyed our parents and we would teach each other to make funny faces at meal times. The class then looked at the grammar from the paragraph and Georgia taught meaning, structure and pronunciation. Then the students wrote their own essays about their childhood memories. Find out more about our English courses at EC London 30+.

This Amazing City – A testimonial by Vicente

A friend pointed me for this destination and I could improve my English, learn new words, improving the grammar of a very dynamic and fun way. I improve my English very much! I like the conversation because I could learn a little from each of countries of my friends – the lesssons were about current issues. The people they were very polite helpful and staff are patients, friendly and loveable. I remember my friends, teachers, EC Staff and this amazing city, everything! Vicente (Brazilian) – Pre-intermediate 1DB Find out more about English courses at EC Covent Garden.