Testimonial by Jean-Luc

  When I decided to improve my English, I wanted to discover London at the same time. EC Covent Garden 30+ offered me this opportunity, its location at Covent Garden is perfect. After learning six weeks at EC 30+, I came back one month later for four weeks more. I have really appreciated the at … Read more

Last week’s grammar: Regret

Last week Georgia’s high-intermediate class studied grammar to talk about ‘regret’. Her students listened to a voicemail form her ex-boyfriend Max where he told her all the things he felt bad about doing during their relationship. Here is what he said: “Hey Georgia, It’s Max again. … Read more

The National Three Peaks by Chris Lewis

My mouth was dry and I was panting. We got nearer and I asked Matt, “Is this it?” He nodded, apparently too knackered to reply verbally. We’d finally managed to get up the two flights of stairs to our hotel room. One final night’s sleep in the Cruachan Hotel and then Charlie, Chris, Dan, Joelle, Kat … Read more

Childhood Memories

This week one of our teachers Georgia looked at ‘used to’ with her pre-intermediate students. In English we use this grammar to talk about habits in the past which do not happen now. First the class talked about childhood. They looked at the ideas below and talked about their own experie … Read more

This Amazing City – A testimonial by Vicente

A friend pointed me for this destination and I could improve my English, learn new words, improving the grammar of a very dynamic and fun way. I improve my English very much! I like the conversation because I could learn a little from each of countries of my friends – the lesssons were about c … Read more