Childhood Memories

This week one of our teachers Georgia looked at ‘used to’ with her pre-intermediate students. In English we use this grammar to talk about habits in the past which do not happen now. First the class talked about childhood. They looked at the ideas below and talked about their own experiences.



Georgia then showed her students some pictures of her own childhood and asked students to write some sentences about them:

G2 G3 G4

Then the teacher read a short paragraph about the pictures and the students wrote down the important words. After checking and exchanging words with their partners the students listened another two times to complete the paragraph exactly as they heard it. Next the whole class collaborate to write the paragraph on the board negotiating the language so that everyone agreed. Here is the paragraph:

When I was I looked like an angel, but I used to cause lots of problems. I used to wear dresses and I had short curly hair. I didn’t use use to like wearing dresses and I would shout and scream if my mother gave me other clothes. I had a best friend called Caroline who I used to play lots of games with, we went on holiday with each other every Summer and would run around all day.All of my friends and I used to suck our thumbs because we knew it annoyed our parents and we would teach each other to make funny faces at meal times.

The class then looked at the grammar from the paragraph and Georgia taught meaning, structure and pronunciation. Then the students wrote their own essays about their childhood memories.

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