The EC Team are friendly and professional

Tonight is my last night in London, I have mixed feelings about these days, I appreciate everyone who I’ve ever met in London. You’ve made my adventure became richly. English was always the worst subject in my life, I’ve never passed an exam at school. I did know some vocabulary, but I had no idea about grammar, I couldn’t have a conversation with foreign friends. I’d been traveling in Germany, and I’d asked the receptionist something, she just answered “Sorry, I don’t understand.” Also, every time my friends introduced some foreign friends to me, I had the same problem! I couldn’t speak English!! I was really depressed, I’d been learning English in school for many years, but I still couldn’t speak English. The first month I was in London, if I had some problems, I could ask my questions, but my listening was poor, I couldn’t understand the answer, and my nightmare was speaking English on the phone! I thought I probably wouldn’t speak English well the whole of my life! But now, everything has changed! My agent told me about EC Covent Garden, it’s only for 30 plus students, and the EC team are friendly and professional, it’s a place where I can study without stress. I was in pre-intermediate, I joined the social program everyday. I hoped I could spend all my time practicing speaking with classmates. We shared our points of view in the class, we shared our life or opinions when we discussed things. Now I’ve been EC 4 months, I’m in upper-intermediate. I know the grammar, I can easily have a chat with friends, and I’m not afraid to speak English on the phone anymore. I’m confident about speaking English. Also I’ve met a lot of classmates from around the world, English is a bridge … Read more