At EC London 30+ You’ll Never Get Bored!

  The wonderful and extremely talented Alessandra writes about her experience as an Intern at EC London 30+… Dear all, I’ve started many times to write this letter to you but every time I wasn’t able to transform my feelings into words. The experience I had with you at EC London 30+ has deeply changed … Read more

Law in action: visiting a real criminal court by Ayan Ali

Our Advanced class were studying crime and law in their coursebook in October. To bring the topic to life, they met and interviewed a real magistrate, went to see real cases in court and became judges themselves in a virtual case online. First, the class learned vocabulary related to crime and law. Then they tried … Read more

Tips for learning English: vocabulary cards by Ayan Ali

When you’re studying English, you learn so many new words inside and outside the classroom, but what can you do to remember them? The key is to review and use the word many times and one good way is to use vocabulary cards. The advantage is that you can arrange the cards in different ways. … Read more

The Origin of Halloween

  As we all know Halloween is all about “trick or treat”, jack-o-lanterns, fancy dresses and parties, but it used to have a complete different meaning for the ancient Celtics. In fact Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (“sah-win”) which was the celebration of the end of the harvest season … Read more

Understanding English money

A lot of our students have trouble figuring out the coins and notes in Britain. Check out the helpful language below and then try some of the questions at the bottom. The answers are at the bottom of the blog so you can check and see if you were right.   2 pounds       … Read more

Tips for learning English: an error correction diary

By Ayan Ali Since you’ve been studying English, your speaking and writing has probably been corrected many times by your teachers. But how many of those corrections do you remember later? Do you make changes or do you still find yourself repeating the same mistakes and getting frustrated? Errors are a normal part of learning … Read more

EC London 30+ celebrates World Teachers’ Day!

by Ayan Ali This year World Teachers’ Day fell on Sunday 5th October so we decided to celebrate a bit earlier on Friday instead.   Students at EC London 30+ were very thoughtful and wanted to thank their teachers for helping them learn English and making it fun too. There were some handmade gifts like beautiful origami … Read more

See inside our English school…

  You can now take a 360º virtual tour of our school! Use this link to look around our beautiful school: Covent Garden 30+ The interior images give you the feeling of being here, and the comfort of knowing what to expect when you arrive to start your course. We offer the best environment for effective learning … Read more