Understanding English money

A lot of our students have trouble figuring out the coins and notes in Britain. Check out the helpful language below and then try some of the questions at the bottom. The answers are at the bottom of the blog so you can check and see if you were right.


2 pounds 1 pound 50P

2 pounds                                                1 pound                                                 50p

20P 10P 2P 1P

20p                                          10p                                             2p                                         a penny


A few extra points:

  • In British English, a pound can also be called a quid. In American English, a dollar is also known as a buck.
  • For example £3 could be called 3 quid.
  • N.B. quid is uncountable but pound is countable.
  • A five pound note can be called five quid or a fiver.
  • A ten pound note can be called ten quid or a tenner.
  • A twenty pound note can be called twenty quid but NOT a twentier.


Practice Questions:

1) How much are the following coins worth?

10P 2 pounds 50P 2P 1P


2) And these?

1 pound 10P 20P 50P 2P


3) What would you call the following?

5 pounds

a) a tenner          b) Five bucks      c) a fiver               d) five quids


4) What would you call the following?

20 quid

a) a twentier      b) 20p                   c) 20 quid             d) 20 monies



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1)      £2.63

2)      £1.82

3)      C

4)      C