I should have done this study in London much earlier.

  My appreciation concerning my study at EC London 30+ To brush up and refresh my English knowledge but also in order to improve the pronunciation I decided to make a further English study. On my point of view, EC London 30+, recommended by Boa Lingua, was really the right place. I found there a really good learning atmosphere, professional teachers and staff, and finally a lot of high motivated and nice students. I discovered also London as a very well and attractive place. Now I have only one regret, I should have done this study in London much earlier. Thank you very much to our teachers Jessie, Chris, Georgia and Matthew. Patrick, from France, studied on a General English Course at EC London 30+      

Tips for learning English: Using the free Metro newspaper

  Every morning at EC Covent Garden 30+, a number of our students come to Breakfast Club where they sit down with one of our teachers and discuss the major topics in the newspapers. It is always a great success and our students are delighted that they are able to understand some of the big news stories that are happening in the U.K. and around the world. But can you do this by yourself? The quick answer is YES, yes you can. Just follow the simple steps below and you can use the Metro to help you practise your English and expand your cultural knowledge of England.   Choose an article with a picture that looks interesting. Very often headlines in the Metro contain puns (click for a dictionary definition of “pun“) which can be confusing if you don’t have the cultural knowledge to understand them. My advice is if you don’t understand the headline, ignore it and move on to the picture. Look at the picture and predict what you think the article will be about. Read the story quickly to check your predictions. Do not worry about vocabulary or grammar at this point. Just read for the general idea of the article. Underline some of the key words in the story that you don’t understand. Try to get the meaning from the context. If you’re not sure of the meaning, you can check your dictionary but try to do it by yourself first. Read the article again more slowly, focusing on the details. Go tell someone what you read and your opinion of the article. Try to use some of the key words when you’re speaking. If you use a word in conversation once, you’re more likely to use it again.   So if you’re an English language student in … Read more

We Are Immersed In The Shakespeare Language

  An experience at several level : First of all, from the beginning we are immersed in the Shakespeare language thanks the dynamism and positivism’s team (managers, teachers and animators). Be quiet, all the people of EC Covent Garden do their best to make yourself at home and that we should improve our level in peace. With EC school, no problem ; only solution. Each teacher is unique with her own personality, her own pedagogy, his own style and all this with the higher professionalism ; a true school of the life and no a matrix already fit or willing. In parallelism, EC Covent Garden is a team of managers always available to ours or theirs asking or still with the satisfaction survey. Yes EC Covent Garden constantly recover involved and up to the students. EC Covent Garden is too a team of animators which the role is to enjoy us thanks the multiple activities offered ( Outing, Visiting, Pubs, Restaurants….) ; and this all in English of course to use ours news skills and knowledge. The second rewarding experience is that we meet students from all over the world ( Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Russian, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, China…..) ; a real opening to others culture mixed friendliness and sharing, all with laughter and good humor. Finally and not least, another experience is that we are concretely in immersion and we have at leisure to use our learning by our-self to meeting English people or with the host family or with the daily simple activities (underground, buses, markets, bakery, shopping, cinema, bookshops, museums, walks, parks, sports ….). To finish as would say The British “Enjoy” ; it’s the most important.”  EC Covent Garden is a really, lovely, amazing and fantastic experience. David (French) – General English Click here to find … Read more

I’m Very Happy to Have Improved My English at EC London 30+

I chose London because I had never been there before. For me it was a famous but unknown city. When I arrived, I couldn’t understand what people said. Now I’m listening to the radio and watching TV. I’m very happy to have improved my English with EC London 30+. My new friends come from Brazil, Italy and France. By Katherine (Swiss) – General English course & One-to-one lessons Click here to find out more about our English language centre for adults.

Tips for learning English: English-English dictionaries by Ayan Ali

  Translators can give you help with vocabulary quickly, but English-English dictionaries have a lot of information including: pronunciation – a speaker button so you can hear the word or phonemic script grammar (e.g. uncountable nouns) example sentences to help you understand the word in context register (how formal the word is) collocations (words it often appears next to) and phrases using the word connotation (the associations of a word e.g. ‘fat’ is more negative than ‘big’ for describing people) word families e.g. photograph, photographer, photography, photographic   Students below intermediate level should start with the learner dictionaries below and Macmillan dictionary is particularly good. Here are some good online dictionaries and their best features.   LEARNER DICTIONARIES 1) MACMILLAN DICTIONARY http://www.macmillandictionary.com/ Simple definitions Three-star rating to show the frequency of a word. E.g. ‘car’ is a three-star word whereas ‘tram’ has no stars at all. Macmillan say that the most common 7,500 words in the English language are used in 90% of speaking and writing and these words will have either one, two or three stars. Low levels should focus on frequent words with stars. Remember that a word might not be common in general English but useful in your life e.g ‘dye’ has no stars but is an important word for hairdressers. Thesaurus to help you learn words with a similar meaning Information about grammar e.g. verb patterns, prepositions Common word combinations (collocations)   press this symbol to hear sounds for words such as ‘horn’ and ‘rustle’   2) CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/ Gives both the British English pronunciation AND the American English pronunciation. Useful if you’ve studied American English at home and want to compare the pronunciation. For example, the ‘a’ in ‘elementary’ isn’t pronounced in British English so the word has 4 syllables but it creates a … Read more

Travelling Teacher

Today we’re welcoming back one of teachers, Georgia, after two months of travelling! On a quest for relaxation and adventure she set off for a hiking trip in Norway to climb mountains and bask in the glory of the northern light. Next she jetted off to Croatia where she went sailing up the Dalmatian Coast. The following flight was the monster – a gruelling 12 hour schlep to Beijing for nothing but a view of smog from the airport window topped of by another 7 hour flight to Singapore. A city full of innovative architecture and sparkling bright lights, the cleanest city she’d ever visited! From there she journeyed to Borneo into the midst of the jungle to spend time in amongst the flora, fauna and wildlife. She travelled by bike, boat, bus and foot through jungle, up the highest mountain in South East Asia, stayed with cave dwellers, came into contact with wild orang-utans and pigmy elephants and went diving off Sipidan; one of the world’s most diverse coral reefs .  Here’s what Georgia had to say about her trip: “As always, travelling to different places opens your eyes to the bigger picture. I never get bored of getting to know different cultures and seeing all the astonishing sites that the world has to offer. I’m just lucky that I’ve got a boss that will give me the time off to visit them!” If you want to find out more about the places Georgia visited, have a look at these links –  http://www.wonderfulmalaysia.com/sabah-borneo-attractions-kinabatangan-river.htm http://www.mountkinabalu.com/ http://eastjavanese.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/scarry-myth-unburried-corps-on-trunyan.html