Tips for learning English: Using the free Metro newspaper

  Every morning at EC Covent Garden 30+, a number of our students come to Breakfast Club where they sit down with one of our teachers and discuss the major topics in the newspapers. It is always a great success and our students are delighted that they are able to understand some of the big news … Read more

Tips for learning English: English-English dictionaries by Ayan Ali

  Translators can give you help with vocabulary quickly, but English-English dictionaries have a lot of information including: pronunciation – a speaker button so you can hear the word or phonemic script grammar (e.g. uncountable nouns) example sentences to help you understand the word in … Read more

Travelling Teacher

Today we’re welcoming back one of teachers, Georgia, after two months of travelling! On a quest for relaxation and adventure she set off for a hiking trip in Norway to climb mountains and bask in the glory of the northern light. Next she jetted off to Croatia where she went sailing up the Dalm … Read more