Travelling Teacher

Today we’re welcoming back one of teachers, Georgia, after two months of travelling! On a quest for relaxation and adventure she set off for a hiking trip in Norway to climb mountains and bask in the glory of the northern light. Next she jetted off to Croatia where she went sailing up the Dalmatian Coast.

The following flight was the monster – a gruelling 12 hour schlep to Beijing for nothing but a view of smog from the airport window topped of by another 7 hour flight to Singapore. A city full of innovative architecture and sparkling bright lights, the cleanest city she’d ever visited! From there she journeyed to Borneo into the midst of the jungle to spend time in amongst the flora, fauna and wildlife. She travelled by bike, boat, bus and foot through jungle, up the highest mountain in South East Asia, stayed with cave dwellers, came into contact with wild orang-utans and pigmy elephants and went diving off Sipidan; one of the world’s most diverse coral reefs .

 Here’s what Georgia had to say about her trip:

“As always, travelling to different places opens your eyes to the bigger picture. I never get bored of getting to know different cultures and seeing all the astonishing sites that the world has to offer. I’m just lucky that I’ve got a boss that will give me the time off to visit them!”

Borneo 1 Borneo 2 Borneo 3 Borneo 4

If you want to find out more about the places Georgia visited, have a look at these links –