Weekly Grammar Question: Will, Going to or Present Continuous?

So, I’m going to tell you a story, a story that will hopefully clear up the difference between will, going to and present continuous:   My ex-girlfriend came home one night with a beautiful new painting that she’d bought at the market. “David,” she said. “I’d like you to hang this painting please.” “Of course,” … Read more

A very British Christmas – Annika Robinson

Christmas Day! Traditionally, Christmas Day is the most important day in December and of the season but there are also some other significant days. 24th December.  This is Christmas Eve and although the day time is usually spent rushing around the shops for those last minute presents or putting the finishing touches to the Christmas … Read more

Study at EC London 30+ has been an amazing experience!

Check out Ileana’s kind words after her studying English in London. Thanks a million Ileana, it was great to have you here.  Study in EC London 30+ has been an amazing experience! The atmosphere is friendly and lessons are dynamic and never boring so you can learn having fun. Teachers and school staff are helpful … Read more

A Nice Idea for Christmas by Matthew Franklin

One of our teachers, Matthew, has put together some advice for any students spending Christmas in London. Click on some of the more difficult words if you’d like a definition.    Being far from home at this festive time of year can be a bit lonely, so how can you avoid getting the Christmas blues? … Read more