30+ Testimonial by Robert Schmidt

Here at EC Covent Garden 30+ we like to collect testimonials from our students. Here Robert writes a 30+ testimonial about his experience at EC Covent Garden and in London. Robert booked an Intensive English course and hopes in the future to use his English in a business environment. Robert has been … Read more

Words of the Week: 9 Phrasal verbs

Ahhhh Phrasal verbs. We all love them but in my experience a lot of students in the school are scared of them. DON’T BE!!! They’re just like any other piece of vocabulary. Check out some of the highlighted words below, can you think of any phrasal verbs that you could replace them with, … Read more

Weekly Grammar Question: Be/Get used to

So, be/get used to, it’s one of those language points that people have a lot of problems with…but why? Let’s have a look at it in context. Check out this short paragraph about when I first came to London. I’ve lived in London for almost 5 years now and I have to say it’ … Read more

WHERE AM I? England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom…what does it all mean?

WHERE AM I? So where are you? You might be sitting in your house in your country or you might be at work, taking a quick break to check out the EC Covent Garden blog or you might be here at EC Covent Garden, London, learning English. If you are here with us…do you where you are exactly? Are yo … Read more

Afternoon Tea – Social Programme

This week on our social programme we decided to go for Afternoon Tea in Bill’s, a lovely restaurant in the heart of Soho. We originally booked it for about 10 people but it was soon clear that we were going to need more space and a bigger sign-up sheet. In the end we had twenty students signed … Read more

Word(s) of the Week: Giving Advice

As an English teacher, I find myself giving a lot of advice to students. This week, I have decided to look at a few different ways / phrases for giving advice. Check out the examples below. Please leave me any comments if you have any questions.   (1) Modal verbs: – You should call your m … Read more

Weekly Grammar Question: Is the Past Perfect as simple as it seems?

I can’t count the number of times over the years that students have said something along the lines of: “Teacher teacher, I don’t understand the present and past perfect, it’s too difficult”. Now, the present perfect can be quite tricky to get your head around for a numb … Read more

Goodbye Angela

Sadly, at EC Covent Garden we had to say goodbye to one of our long term students, Angela. Angela has been with us since the summer last year and unfortunately today was her last day. We wish her all the best in everything she does and hopefully we will see her back in London sometime in the future. … Read more

Weekly Grammar Question: Will + Going to (making predictions)

A few weeks ago we looked at the difference between will and going to for making plans but what about predictions? How can we express our thoughts about what will happen in the future? Are will and going to the same? Are they completely different? Read on to find out.   The Rules: So, the rule … Read more