30+ Testimonial by Robert Schmidt

Here at EC Covent Garden 30+ we like to collect testimonials from our students. Here Robert writes a 30+ testimonial about his experience at EC Covent Garden and in London.

Robert booked an Intensive English course and hopes in the future to use his English in a business environment.

Robert has been a fantastic student who has benefited a great deal from learning English and we wish him all the best! We’re really going to miss him here at EC, and I’d just like to take this moment to congratulate him on making such excellent progress. It was an absolute pleasure to give him feedback from his exit test as well as informing his teachers how well he had done. They were so proud and are really going to miss him in class. So, congratulations again and keep up the work, Robert.


Now, that’s enough from me. Enjoy his testimonial..

Robert Schmidt
Testimonial 30+

I have been at EC Covent Garden for 10 weeks and I’ll totally recommend EC Covent Garden 30+! 

The friendly, helpful people, great organisation and high qualification. I would try to come back to EC Covent Garden 30+!

Robert Schmidt (Germany)

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