Words of the Week: Health

It’s pretty cold here in London and everyone’s health is at risk, it seems like everyone in the city is ill. It’s nothing serious of course, just a cold or the flu but it’s everywhere. Just this morning on the tube somebody sneezed on the back of my neck…this was not pleasant. But it got me thinking about the vocabulary a student might need to use in order to describe their cold or flu. Check out the words, idioms and phrases below for help describing your ailment. Pay careful attention to how they are used and if there’s anything you don’t understand, just click on it for a definition.

suzie boots


“I’m a bit under the weather.” = I’m a little bit ill.

“I’m on the mend.” = I’m getting better.

“My head is killing me.” = I have a terrible headache


I can’t stop sneezing


                      vomiting / throwing up



I feel dizzy




           much better now


I have  a headache

               a stomachache

               a sore throat

               a fever / a temperature


              a blocked / runny nose


So if you’re feeling a little under the weather, get out there and use these handy words / phrases to let people know. But please try not to sneeze on anybody’s neck on the tube…that’s just disgusting.

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